21 day fix


It’s Transformation Tuesday!

I love the idea of those alliterative things, or some day that I set aside to just blog about ONE. THING. It’s hard to keep it going if noone else joins me though, so PLEASE JOIN ME IN THIS! Okay? Please don’t leave me sitting at the cafeteria table all by myself, terribly vulnerable and talking about my weight, butt, and emotional eating!

21 Day Meal Plan

images (3)Yesterday was my first day re-starting the 21 Day Fix.

It works like this: you get a certain number of little colored containers depending on your weight/gender/etc and you fill the containers with the approved (- read, “clean”) food types.

It all makes perfect sense but it’s not easy when you are just getting started again. Oh, and when you are an emotional eater, like I am.

When I am upset, angry, sad – it’s the doritos I reach for. It’s my comfort piece.stress eating

I don’t think it’s bad necessarily to do that, and I definitely don’t want to give up my deep love for food. But I do want to change what I reach for, how I reach for it, and why. I don’t think those reasons of mine are too healthy.

I also don’t want to over analyze this!

So I created a few simple goals for the next 21 days:

  1. I want to stick with the 21 day meal plan and exercise dvd
  2. I want to focus on my belly fat and butt (see butt chart below)
  3. I want to be able to fit into my jeans

Here’s my “before” picture. Gotta have that, right?!

Meriah Nicholsw3
unflattering “before” picture!

The 21 Day Fix –

The only reason I can post this knowing that at least 1000 people are going to be looking at this and knowing how much I weigh is because I also know that the 21 Day Fix works. Like, it really, really works. I can post this because I know the scale is going to be sliding down and it’s going to make a great comparison for my “after” photo.

And besides, I like making people smile. My need to please.

Which brings me back to my emotional eating.

Soooooo hard for me to get over this. Since I don’t want to wreck my love for food and I also don’t want to not appreciate what I’m eating, I need to PLAN. Not easy for me to do this because I am not a meal-planner-type of person. I don’t do what my friend Meredith does, with her extensive shopping lists all circled into meals and tight-like.

But I need to, because it will help keep the emotional eating in check to have my meals planned, have only good stuff on hand that won’t break my eating plan or swing me off track.

I’m taking a long look at this post here: How I Prep Food for the Week (thanks for posting this, Kimberly!), and I also ordered these Reditainer things from Amazon (- we were low on containers anyway and I saw them on Autumn Calabres’s facebook page) to help with the prep planning. I need to find all of my mason jars for those salads.

And so –

That’s where I’m at right now. It’s all a mess. I am struggling to get the systems in place, get my body moving and get to that happy place in the whole fitness plan where it’s flowing. You know what I mean?

Want to sign up with the 21 Day Fix too? Or something else from Beachbody? Just click here, make sure I’m listed as your coach (- and again, I’m thehumboldthousewife) . My coach ID is 627640. That’s it. Then I can add you to the fantastic group on Facebook that I’m already a part of.

If you don’t want to do Beachbody but want support, holla. I can start a group.


Butt chart:



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