I've started acupuncture as a way to get a bit more even keeled. This is an option because of the Berkeley Acupuncture Project, and this is possible because of their whole 'community acupuncture' philosophy. Their goal is pretty simple: to make Chinese medicine accessible by making it affordable – and they make it affordable by practicing it in a big common room with chairs.

It's all very womb-like.

And somehow, not weird at all. In fact, I think I liked being in a room with other people more than I have enjoyed being alone.

Yeah, so that's how it works. I go in, sit down, get comfortable. They stick needles all over me, then leave me to sleep until I buzz them back to take all the needles out!


Only in Berkeley, huh.

Yes, those are my sainted mother's hands holding Moxie, caring for ALL THREE KIDS while I am paying to have needles stuck in me

Meanwhile, I have found that Mac is actually suffering from 'Nipple Confusion" – or rather, we are both suffering, because let me tell you: this ain't no joy ride.

On no account is it as challenging at learning to nurse with Moxie was, but we still have our work cut out for us here.

I think it's mostly especially hard because of the TIME that it takes to get us on the ball. According to Dr. Sears, I have to:

  • commit to ditching the bottle
  • have him close all the time (hello sling, that I never learned to use)
  • nurse his head off

Is it worth it? When I actually have things to do and two other kids to care for? Yes, I think it is. I think breastfeeding is the easiest thing ever, once everyone has the hang of it. Plus, in light of the Pan Am Overland, I want us on something that doesn't involve washing lots of bottles or searching for milk or formula or whatever in some village in Guatamala….

But still. This is really, really frustrating. I'm not going to kick myself into a pulp if it doesn't happen. I'm just going to try. Stay sane. And try and stay sane. Haha.


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