My dear friend Meredith’s husband, Joe will take the prize for being a Rockstar of Stupendous Awesomeness.

You know what he did? He flew 2 of her close friends (of which I am one!), along with herself to Texas, where 2 other close friends live. Yes. For her 40th birthday.

Let me just say that again: he came up with the idea to have this tear-jerking, soul-satisfying, happy-making weekend and flew Mere along with Heather and myself to Texas, where Yolanda and Abbie are.

Joe: Rockstar of Stupendous Awesomeness.

How do you get better than that? It’s just not possible. It can’t get better than that. It’s mind blowing not only in generosity (- they are not rich), it’s mind blowing in the thought.


Mack and I boarded the flight to Austin. It had been a long time since I had flown anywhere and I had forgotten about some things (- like to ask for an upgrade if seats became available in business class or bulk head! *facepalm*). But overall, I was really pleasantly surprised by how polite, friendly and kind everyone was with us (and by “everyone” I’m really talking about airport security and airline personnel. And the people in the seats around us).

Yoga Room. Seriously. #onlyinsanfrancisco
Yoga Room. Seriously. #onlyinsanfrancisco
God bless the Ergo
God bless the Ergo
the uber-clean super high-tech, minimalist playground in the San Francisco Airport
the uber-clean super high-tech, minimalist playground in the San Francisco Airport

MacDaddy o' Travelling!
MacDaddy o’ Travelling!
Over Dallas. Holy cow but that place has some BIG HOUSES!
Over Dallas. Holy cow but that place has some BIG HOUSES!
In the cradle of Heaven
In the cradle of Heaven


I love flying. So that was in and of itself a rad experience, even with a squirmy baby on me, even with a non-stop talker next to me (4 hours, dude: couldn’t hear almost anything she said…), even with the seats that pinched my butt. It was GREAT!

And best of all, when we arrived in Austin, we got to go and see beautiful Meredith, Heather, Abigail and Yolanda. Bask in that deliciousness that is friendship, woven strong over the years.

Enhanced by mended rifts, grown glossy by the liberal application of love.

Strengthened by honesty and trust.

I love these people
I love these people


Beautiful Meredith
Beautiful Meredith

Lovely Yolanda
Lovely Yolanda


And FUN, man!

F- U – N!


F-u-n – like, hot, tired, sweaty Mama style.

We realized pretty early on that well, we are not 20-somethings anymore. We’ve changed. Mere described it as growing out of a chrysallis – we’ve kind of crawled out of a cocoon and moved on to another stage.

In this stage, it’s hard to stay up past 10!

Oh my God, it’s so hard! With time being so precious over the weekend, I wanted to not sleep. But it’s not like my body would let me get away with that.


We talked.

I couldn’t get enough of that.

I think I could talk with them for a week and not have enough.

Because it was that kind of heart-talk that you can only do with a few handfuls of people in the world: people that know you and understand you from a place of love – and people that know you in different spaces and places so have a sense of historical contexts behind your thoughts and actions.


I thought of the 16 years we have known each other.

From Vermont to Tokyo and now.

16 years with some big 4 letters words laced within, as only intense friendships can slice through, then bond more securely:

Hurt. Heal. Pain. Gain. 

and Love.

Love is the biggest 4 letter word of all. Because it’s love that brought us together in the first place, love that kept us together when the other words didn’t want to.

Love that keeps us friends still.

And of course: it was Joe’s love for Mere and her love for us that engineered the gathering at all.


Speaking of love: Mack loved it all – he had a total blast.

Seriously, though: what baby wouldn’t?!


He was coddled by loving Aunties, smothered with hugs and attention and kisses.

Totally not a bad life for a baby.

I just wish we all lived closer to each other – so that all of our kids could be doused in the love that Mack was, and the love that we all feel for one another.


Friendship is probably one of the sweetest things there is in the world.

Going back home though, I felt like it was almost bittersweet.

It was hard – very, very hard – for me to have this intensely satisfying time of being with these friends and then to have them not around again.

I miss them.

I miss all of my close friends who are not around me on a day-to-day.

But that love, yeah.

That love.

It’ll stay with me.

Flower power, Austin style
Flower power, Austin style

Thank you, Joe. You Rockstar of Stupendous Awesomeness.



I just want to make a little note on Austin: I was stunned to find it so tropical! That town feels like it’s in the South Pacific! It’s so cool. And so HOT – I’d take like 10 steps and be literally drenched in sweat. I had to tote an actual towel to mop it up. So if you are looking to detox or something in an actual SAUNA-CITY, go there. You can listen to rad music, look at cool flowers and sweat your ass off.

IMG_5976 IMG_5978


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