Okay, I have something on my mind.
Yeah, it’s another little rant

No, no, you don’t need to say ‘uh-oh’… it’s not that bad. It’s just that I find it really annoying when people talk about “healthy babies.” Like, “all we want is a healthy baby” kind of “healthy babies.” Because I don’t think they mean a “healthy baby”- I think they mean “a baby without a disability.”

I think that people have this tendency to equate disability with poor health. It’s simply not true. Someone can easily be disabled and be in brilliant, sparkling health. By equating disability with poor health, it’s adding yet  more on the mountain of those with disabilities being less worthy of life.

Yes, big, huge boo.

And we know that Moxie-kins is full to the brim with health. She’s healthier than plenty of other babies I know that do not come with an extra chromosome. She eats more, is stronger and knock on wood here but she’s never been sick, not one day in her 7+ months of life.

Yup. She’s a very healthy baby.

Who also looks very good in hats, doesn’t she?!

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