This has been a weird, rather sleep-deprived week for me.

Weird because I'm still sussing out my feelings on the holidays and feeling rather drenched in Christmas when I'm not sure I want to be. Do you? Are you one of those people that Love Christmas? Or Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, what else is there? Are you my neighbour with the inflatable Santa? If so, would you mind turning those flashing lights off after 10? Thanks.

Let's get to our Roundup of Random:

Fun Pictures That I Did Not Take


yeah. ohhhhhhh YEAH


Mikey's vision of our future

  News from the Internets:

  • Judy Heumann was a guest blogger for Disability.gov. I found her post to be pretty dry and basic – completely  unlike how she is in person,  but I still liked it because it reminds me to tune in the greater political (disability) picture. For those of you who haven't read No Pity yet, you really ought to. Pick up a copy and read it over the holidays.You'll really get how important Judy was and is to us all.
  • Awesome post on accessible freedom fighting at Big Noise. Really awesome.
  • And another blog to add to your roll: Ballastexistenz. There is some tight writing going on over there.
  • I'm assuming you already have Life As I Know It on your roll –  or do you? Lisa's been a powerhouse in our online Ds community but I don't seem to "see" her around on blogrolls as much as I think she should be. I love her voice. Added plus: she cusses when she's pissed! How refreshing!
  • Super-funny post from Modern Mormon Men ("Your Manly Mommy Blog") On Becoming Sterile. I'm really liking these funny Mormons. The author, by the way, is the husband of the woman who wrote The Year My Son and I Were Born. And brought Gifts and Gifts 2 together. Kathryn Lynard Soper, a truly great woman who truly has great taste in men who can write and make one laugh…about a vasectomy, no less.

My Favorite Pictures That I Took:
Yes, we have already established that I take too many pictures. I can't help myself. I was a chain-smoker when I was a smoker, you see.

Most of these I posted on our new family blog, a photoblog site that is *this* close to being fully set up, figured out. I'll introduce you when a few more kinks are ironed out.

More pictures!

We love our bikes and Burley, we do:

Family News:
We are still researching – and will be for some time, most likely – as to our next move. And if your cousin/auntie/uncle/best friend's mom is hiring in Europe, would you give us a shout? Thanks. 

In the meantime, we are gearing up for BAJA!

We are keeping it simple, no trailer, just the Sexy Beast. Camp directly on the beach. Dude, I can't WAIT!

And so – that's it, one week, all rounded up.

What are you waiting for with eager anticipation?






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