Murphy’s Law. That’s the bit that says that if something can go wrong, it will.

We experienced a smidgen of that when we discovered that the hydrolic pistons on our Alaskan Camper – you know, the pistons that I *only just* got installed in Washington?!! – were leaking piston juice all over the place. Having paid a pretty penny for it all less than a month ago and having used it only once, we were not thrilled.

Luckily, Mikey figured out it was something to do with the clamp and so long as he held it in a certain way and I pushed the lever, it would work all right.  But that was after we were trying to set up in a Barstow campground at night, then gave up to stay in a motel, with pretty much a whole day of running around to various auto supply stores and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting for Mikey to work his magic.

But it worked, that’s the main thing, and we can sleep in the camper again.

Definitely a plus.

It’s really squished in there, but I find it to be more comfortable overall than trying to wrangle the kids in a motel room (and keep all the cords and lines and electronics and toilet paper and plugs and Kianna’s food out of their reach).

Barstow itself feels to me like one of those Really Useful places. Lots of chain shops, enough local and Route 66 flavor to keep it from being completely bland. We were glad to have it as a place to fix the clamps but glad to get out and carry on.

Here are the photos – the drive there from Fresno and the rad KOA playground that we were in before the clamps broke and the piston fluid spewed

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