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We took my Grandpa Jack out to celebrate his 91st birthday while we were in the Bay Area.

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Grandpa Jack holds a special place in our lives. He’s the grandfather figure for not just Mikey and I; he’s also the grandfather figure for Micah and the kids.

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I know I wrote about this the last time we left, but there is always this poignant component when leaving a loved one to travel, wondering if we’ll see each other again in this world. If this is it, really goodbye? Or not. Another reminder to enjoy every moment and not take anything for granted.

Eat the cake first.

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We ate at Spengers which is an East Bay institution. Grandpa loved going there years ago on a regular basis, so it was pretty sweet to see how happy he was. And of course, Moxie went nuts with the nautical stuff!

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The next day we met with Mikey’s family and his Grandma (who is also 91).

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We ate first.

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And then enjoyed time with his Grandma, who gave the kids thoughtful gifts (Dora for Moxie, who was shaking as she opened it and saw), Star Wars legos for Micah (who can think of little else) and a fat-lego train for Mac-Q, “choooo! chooo!”.

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It was sad to say goodbye.

We love these people, family we were born to and family we were lucky enough to marry into.


PS – Cuz it’s cute:

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