I love Beachbody. Their products and programs actually work, the DVD’s that I have are ALL captioned (and captioned well) and the workouts that I have are 30 minutes or less.

I hate Beachbody. Their customer service is beyond bad – every time I order something, they send me something else and I have to return it AND pay the $8 for shipping. This has actually happened three times for me, so paying $24 to return things that I never ordered in the first place PISSED ME OFF.

I love Beachbody. Their products and programs really work.

I hate Beachbody. Their customer service is unresponsive,cheerful in that asinine way that makes me want to reach through the screen and smack them. Everything is up to someone else and livechat is hidden under a billion links.

But I love Beachbody. In a world full of diets and products that are impossible for me, theirs really work. 

Soooooo… I was on the fence about being a coach with them. I wouldn’t be able to face myself if I said anywhere on this blog that they are completely fantastic and you should join too. Lying isn’t one of my many flaws.

I can say this instead:

Join me!

Join me in a love/hate relationship with Beachbody!

You’ll love their products and love what they do for you and you will probably hate customer service as much as I do! Maybe we can make a fun page in which we copy/paste all the stupid stuff customer service says?* All of the inane ways in which they do not help?!

But most of all, we can support each other in weight loss and getting fit and fly.

I’ll be posting regular weight loss/getting fit and fly stuff here, so if you want to tune in, please do, regardless of whether or not you want to join Beachbody under me.

About joining:

You sign up HERE – create your free basic membership Beachbody account, and list me as your coach: thehumboldthousewife – My coach ID is 627640.

download (4)There will be a new 21 Day Fix challenge on Facebook that starts on July 6th.

You just want to have enough time to get your stuff if you do want to do this. And by “stuff”, I mean:

  1. shakeology (- the drink that Beachbody makes that has something in that makes you skinny?) (which sounds awful but it’s actually got an excellent ingredient list, not scary at all)
  2. a program – like either the 21 Day Fix program, or the T25 program, or Pi-Yo – whatever you like, it’s all good (I have some reviews at the end of this post on the different programs)
  3. light and heavy weights, both (whatever is light/heavy for you)

You also want some time to CLEAN OUT YOUR FRIDGE

It’s so much easier to do a clean eating program when you only have clean food around. Stock up on healthy food! Give away the doritos!

The last thing I would recommend is:

Get the 21 Day Companion app

This thing is an app of awesomeness – it helps you keep track of how many containers you’ve consumed, your exercises, water, your weight and inch loss – and also has quotes that I like.

It’s regularly $2.99 but on sale this week for .99 – I have found it to be extremely helpful

beachbodyAbout the programs:

Check out the comparison thing on their website (- HERE), or my summary of the ones I’ve done:

21 Day Fix: it’s really an eating overhaul. You work on portions, clean eating and daily exercise (with the included DVD). Great for people that have been off the fitness grid for a long time.

21 Day Fix Extreme: I’m doing this exercise one for this round but I’m personally not ready for this eating program (yet). I’m sticking with the plain 21 Day Fix eating program.

T25: this is JUST an exercise DVD with booklet on clean eating, but it’s not a program like the 21 day fix is. It has a lot of workouts and moves you gradually from easy to very hard. The lady who does the “modified” workout (- meaning, the easier one) looks exactly like the girl from Barney, but all grown up.

Pi-Yo: it’s the love child of Pilates and Yoga. I find the hairlessness of the guys kind of disturbing, but it’s a good program with great attention to detail.

ALL PROGRAMS have excellent captions.

All programs that I’ve done are absolutely terrific. That’s why I put up with the crappy customer service. That actually says a lot if you know me, because customer services means so much to me.


Just select whatever, make sure I’m listed as your coach (- and again, I’m thehumboldthousewife) . Then that’s it. You can also sign up to coach under me – just list me as YOUR coach and then voila, everyone is scratching each other’s backs. My coach ID is 627640

* Joking about the page, but I’ll do it in a heartbeat if you want to. 

I would like to note these handy dandy tips regarding customer service to kind of save you some trouble:

  1. Triple check what you DO order: is it just one? where is it being sent to? what flavor shakeology? what size? Make ABSOLUTELY SURE it’s what you want because you will walk through the seven levels of hell before you get Beachbody to change anything after you order it
  2. Your order is ready? Take a screen shot. Save it.
  3. Receive the order confirmation? Take a screen shot. Save it.
  4. Livechat: the direct link is HERE


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