Bill Cosby, the guy who was everyone’s favorite Dad in a big sweater before he started to be accused of being a serial rapist, is now saying he’s blind. His attorneys are saying that since he has lost much of his eyesight, a fair trial isn’t possible.

“He is physically impaired,” attorney Angela Agrusa said, as Cosby sat nearby with a walking stick at his side. “We can’t test his memory because he can’t see,” she said, noting that it would hamper Cosby’s ability to counter evidence against him.

Bill Cosby blind

So, he’s blind and they are saying it would get in the way of him defending himself against people who say he drugged and raped them. The prosecution is also saying that his (lack of) sight is affecting his memory:

“You’re saying because he doesn’t have sight he doesn’t have memory,” the judge said. “That’s a big leap.”

I’m happy the judge said that, but the fact that the defense would even think that being blind would be a way for Cosby’s case to be dismissed is surprising to me. Since when did having a disability – and being blind – get you out of trial? My big question now is:

Is being blind now a free pass to crime?

I mean, can any blind person just go out, drug and rape people, then get a free pass out since they won’t be able to see the people that are accusing them? Or how about robbery? Does that count? Murder too? I mean, if a blind person murders someone, the victim is dead but what about any eyewitnesses? They say they saw the blind person do the deed, but the blind person can’t see the accuser, so does the blind person get a free pass?

Does being blind really make it impossible to receive a fair trial?

I’m not a legal expert and this is just a personal blog, so I am throwing that out there and hoping one of you smart people reading has some answers, because this is bothering me.

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