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The book club is back, and we’re set to read El Deafo by Cece Bell.

El Deafo

This is a graphic novel that has won a ton of awards. I have not read it yet but my kids have (and they loved it).

It’s widely available – at your local library, online through Amazon or whatever retailer you use.

I’ve set up a calendar for this site to keep track of all the stuff that’s going on. The book club discussion dates/dates will be added, so just check in.

Be sure to join the Facebook group (links below) where we talk about it, and I’ll have some stuff set up for a Twitter chat as well. Sound good?


The book club has moved to a Facebook group called “Lit League: A Riveting Book Club for Disability Intersections“. 

You can still tap into the books we are reading on Goodreads., but all of the discussion, polls, etc will be on the Facebook group.

No Pity: People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement

Why? Because this is a classic. For those of who have been involved with disability community and activism for a while, getting back to some staples and reviewing classics is always a good idea. For those new to the community, it’s a real eye-opener and game-changer. Let’s do it.

This book should be easy to get your hands on. It’s available for free in public libraries, linked here on Amazon (which also includes Kindle and Audible for those who listen to their books) and on Barnes & Noble (includes Nook).


Start reading on October 21st, one month to read it. Check ins and discussions on the FB page.

Sound good? Thanks, I love you too 🙂 

Inspired by my post on my own Top 13 Book on Disability, I started a book club a while ago on Goodreads for anyone who might be interested in reading together.

More than a few of you joined and it was pretty exciting thinking of us all reading and gathering our coffee cups over an online chat session or something and sinking our teeth into juicy words.

But (and you knew there was going to be a “but” didn’t you?!) I didn’t know of some parameters that should have been set or – gosh, not anything as firm as rules, maybe guidelines? That’s it! Guidelines! Okay, I didn’t have any guidelines, so it went ka-booie, blam! By the side of nowhere.

Do you want to re-visit it? It could be really fun.

This is what I think though, in the way of Book Club guidelines:

1. All the books chosen need to be accessible by kindle and softcover (- inexpensive versions of the book need to be easily available)

2. Group members put in their recommendations or books they would like to read on the reading list. We all vote on the selections for one week. The book is chosen then we have a month to read the book.

3. We can set up a g+ hangout maybe, actually try and coordinate a time to “meet” and “talk” about the book – I would LOVE that. We could also just do questions/answers, or I could set up a sort of thread here on this blog where we could return and add discussion threads.

Thoughts? What do you think?

There are so many great books out there that I am dying to read and would love company in doing so (okay, and I’ll be honest – having to be accountable by having to finish the book by a set time would be great too!)

Here’s the Goodreads Club:


With a Little Moxie’s read book montage

With a Little Moxie 35 members

A book club started by Meriah Nichols of https://www.withalittlemoxie.com – we will be reading one…

Books we’ve read


View this group on Goodreads »


If you could go over there and take a look at the books on the shelf to vote that would be great. Then either add books by suggesting the title there, or message me on goodreads and I’ll add it.

The book with the most votes will be the one selected – and again, it has to be something available on kindle AND softcover.

Ready? Set… GO!


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I started a book club!

I figured it’s about time for us to bite our teeth into a book of our collective choice and knash/lavish words over words.


Right? It’d be fun!


The theme for this particular club will be disability – books as high or low brow as we want. I’ll get us started by suggesting a bunch to choose from for our first book. Does that sound good?


The group is on Goodreads, link is HERE


I hope to see you over there.




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