4 Years – The Impetus Behind The Collection of Essays

In 2014 I had received yet another email from a mother who had read something on my blog that was the tipping factor in her decision to keep her child with Down syndrome. That is, her decision to not abort her child with Down syndrome.

There have been many of these types of emails.

I started “coming out” as a disabled woman in 2010.  By 2014, I had been writing openly and honestly about both my experience as a person with disability and as a parent of a child with a disability for 4 years. It sobered me to know that somehow between the words I wrote or the images that I presented therein, lives were chosen. Living, breathing, growing lives.

After I received that email in 2014, I pulled together a collection of some of the essays from my blog, essays that clearly seemed to speak to others. The essays are for women who are at a crossroads similar to where I once was, choosing whether or not to keep their disabled child.

The essays are also about life with a disability.

I want life with a disability – any disability – to be seen as something that is an experience in a way of thinking, talking, hearing, seeing, moving, feeling. It is far from a tragedy, far from broken-ness that needs fixing, it is as complete and whole as it should be.

After all, it’s not disability that ever needed to change so much as our attitude towards it, and access to the world around it.

4 Years: The Book

This book is a collection of essays, original artwork and photographs.

The collection is divided into 2 sections: Down syndrome and Disability. The Down syndrome section includes artwork from before Moxie was born, straight out of my diary.

It’s available through pdf , e-book or print:


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Learning curves….

Because I formatted this book using special software that doesn’t translate well to any type of self-hosting platform (ack), it’s only available in print version for a whole huge chunk of change on Blurb. Granted, it’s gorgeous when printed, but it’s not cheap:

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