This is a replay of our month-long trip to Mexico earlier this year (which was the inspiration for our current  plans to leave for the Pan American Highway as soon as we can).

This entry was originally posted on 1-2-12 on my now-retired travel blog. I left you here, in which we had stopped by a wayside place and scarfed down a breakfast of the most delicious stuff clams we've ever had in our lives. Not that we'd ever had clams for breakfast before. Or stuffed clams, for that matter. But anyway.


Once upon a time, I thought cacti were boring. Dreadfully so. Big pointy, prickly things that collected water…or something. But then I read Generation X and was so inspired by that picnic in the desert that I moved from Macau (- which was at the time a Portuguese colony in China) to Tucson, Arizona. Just to have a picnic in the desert. Like they did in the book.

That probably tells you a lot about me, and it's probably true stuff too.

Where am I going with this? Well, we were driving and someone or the other or all of us had to pee so we pulled over. We're in the middle of nowhere, you understand. We need to nurture nature.

Business completed, we stretched our legs, took a gander at the cacti all around us. Had tremendous fun taking photos, walking around, loving the spiky things. So beautiful, magical even – I can't believe I ever thought they were boring.

Here are some of the photos:

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