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If Chinese New Year isn’t even remotely a big deal for you, that’s probably because you never lived in Asia when it was ‘your year’. That is, when the animal sign in which you were born was the animal of the year. It happens every 12 years, so you’d be either 12, 24, 36, 48 or older – but you catch the drift.

 I was living in Taiwan when I was 24 and there was no avoiding that it was MY YEAR:

 “Meriah, wear jade, it’s YOUR YEAR”
“Be careful, remember, it’s YOUR YEAR”
“Maybe you shouldn’t drive; it’s YOUR YEAR”

 and so forth. Noone let me forget it. Ever.

 Westerners think the whole “it’s MY YEAR” thing means it’s lucky, everything will go your way, but no, not necessarily.

 Your year is a time of powerful change.

 Your year is the year you came into this world; the most powerful of change in your existence, after all. It’s a year to be born, get married, have a child, die. [sigh]

 January 31st marked Chinese New Year and it’s the

Year of the Horse.

Mikey was born in the year of the Horse, this is HIS YEAR, so I was kind of freaking out – I don’t want him turning into some bucking Bronco or trotting off to visit the heavenly pastures.

 I put off reading the horoscopes because I was so nervous, but I shouldn’t have. Because, check it out, straight from Master Tsai:

 Horse is one of Chinese favorite animals. Horse provides a good and quick transportation for people before automobiles. Horse can give people a ride to their destination. Therefore, horse is not only a symbol of traveling, but also a sign of speedy success.


 “symbol of traveling”! How awesome is that?! Can it GET better than that? We are traveling straight on through this year, and Mikey – our very own Horse – is the driver. Rad.

 The other stuff for him was about how he needs to make time for introspection and to think about his life and so forth. He laughed when I told him what Master Tsai said, ‘yeah, when is that going to happen?!’ and I laughed right back, “when you are DRIVING!”

 So with that, I want to wish you a really happy (belated) Chinese New Year:

may all your horses

May All Your Horses be Unicorns, May All Your Dreams Come True: Happy 2014, Year of the Horse

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