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Cool cat

Voices from the Disability Community: Eliza Riley

Restarting the “Cool Cats: Voices from the Disability Community”, in which people with disabilities are featured. The point of this is to share different slices of different lives. For people to hopefully connect over shared voices, experiences or disabilities. Please welcome Eliza Riley! Getting to Know You Your name:  Eliza Riley What’s your connection with …

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Cool Cat: Anne Finger

Getting to Know You Your name: Anne Finger What’s your connection with disability? Had polio as a young child, part of disability rights/justice/arts community. Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Trek (original series watched on black and white television in 1967) If you could live in any other country for 2 years, where would you …

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Cool Cat: Rachel Stewart

I’ve been fortunate to know Rachel for a long time – since she was a student at Cal. I feel like our friendship has been a gift in that we both mentored one another at a particular period. She mentored me in disability studies, giving me a place in which I could ask hard questions, …

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Cool Cat: Simi Linton

I loved Simi Linton’s book, My Body Politic. I love her voice, energy, commitment.  She is loud, proud and powerful. She is a champion of the arts and of disability.  She is a woman that I am proud and honoured to introduce to you. Simi Linton. *********************** Getting to Know You 1. Your name:    Simi …

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Cool Cat: Katherine Reyes

Introduction: I’ve known Katherine for a long time – since she was just started off at UC Berkeley. I’ve followed her career trajectory with great interest, fascination and tremendous awe. This single mother of 3 pushed herself through school (- at a non-traditional age) and went on to complete her Master’s and is now teaching …

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Cool Cat: David Roche

…and we are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! I’m super happy to be rolling again with the Cool Cat series. I missed it last week. Today I am delighted to introduce you to David Roche, who is a friend of my dear friend, Liane Yasumoto. His responses had me laughing out loud and I’ve just purchased his book The Church …

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