why nyle dimarco needs a wheelchair - image of a man with cream shirt and jeans, he has dark hair and is smiling, text reads, "oh, I'm just so tired" Deaf
Photo Courtesy of the Daily Mail Nyle DiMarco, man of ultra-hotness, recently used Delta for his transportation needs (lucky them). Now, Nyle went and told Delta that he is Deaf. In response, Delta  met him as he disembarked from his airplane, and had a wheelchair ready for him to use! Plenty of us have been
the best deaf movies Movies
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the ultimate guide to the best deaf apps: image description: smiling asian woman says hi into phone she is holding up Technology
This is a post about the best deaf apps in 2018. That is, the most useful, popular and widely-used apps by d/Deaf people. This post is US-focused, and covers only iPhone apps. Best Communication Apps Glide:  for texting and talking. P3 Mobile: for texting, talking and relay services. Includes ASL and clear-speech relays. Google Voice:
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