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Bad Lipreading –

Just for kicks, sometimes I tell my family what I actually hear them say, because sometimes it’s just total gibberish.

That’s really not them – it’s my (lack of) hearing and my reliance on lipreading.

While I am an AMAZING lipreader, I mean, a total ninja (I won’t even make a joke about being humble here), it’s easy to mess up. It’s easy, because, I mean, LOOK AT LIPS! Look at how many variations you can get from lips moving and facial expressions and all of that.

It’s impossible to explain that to people, so anytime I see a video that really gets it, I swoon.

This series was introduced to me by kids in the Best School Ever – I laughed till I cried, so I have to share it with you:

It’s from the “Bad Lip Reading” channel on YouTube – brilliant.

Bad Lipreading: a hilarious spoof of lipreading Yoda in Star Wars
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