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great children's books about down syndrome Book Related
This is a post about great children's books about Down syndrome. Children's Books About Down Syndrome Stories are a wonderful way to explain Down syndrome to a child, Good children's books find ways to convey the complexity - and simplicity - of Down syndrome, and they bring home the humanity of us all. I've personally
sex and down syndrome Down syndrome
I think we should be talking more about sexuality and Down syndrome, talking more about sex and Down syndrome. First, I want to talk a little about two nuggets that I feel address  this subject most wonderfully. Yo Tambien I watched the Spanish movie, "Me Too" (- Yo Tambien). recently (available on Netflix). It's about a
people with down syndrome can be assholes too Down syndrome
I noticed a few things floating around Facebook recently about how a lot of people think that Down syndrome is such a tragedy, but it could be worse... they could be an asshole Some of the memes are a definite jab back at the person who was making some totally thoughtless comment like, "what could
blogger with down syndrome: image description: woman with light blue shirt on and headphones has her head tilted and looks like her mouth is open in song Down syndrome
A Vlogger with Down Syndrome! Maria Jose Paiz Ariaz, a Panamanian vlogger with Down syndrome is shaking things up! Maria vlogs (- captures short videos as a blog) for the news site, La Prensa, covering everything from her views on adults with Down syndrome to Flor Mizrachi (who is Flor Mizrachi??). Here's a teaser, produced
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This post is about things you can do to help raise awareness and acceptance for Down syndrome. This post targets Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Developmental Disability Awareness Month and World Down Syndrome Day. The ideas suggested in this post include both easier and harder ideas on how to focus your attention in the direction of
the best down syndrome t-shirts Down syndrome
Down syndrome t-shirts are wearable advocacy, and I've got a smattering of the best Down syndrome t-shirts for you! Donning garments with bold statements that testify to our beliefs (and allow others to question theirs) is an easy way to help promote acceptance. 100% of all profit go to support starting the Big Island Parent
best down syndrome book resources Resources
This post is about best Down syndrome book resources - from memoirs to resource books. It's intended for parents and professionals working with people with Down syndrome.  The ones that I most highly recommend I have put an * before. Remember: your local library should offer most of these books, and if they don't, you
Down syndrome
Many years ago, I took care of an old man with Alzheimer's. For over six months, I fed him, gave him his showers, dressed him, kept him company, wiped his butt, took him for walks. Fended his 'crazy' spurts - like when he tried to hit me all the way out of the house, then
keep-your-bolting-child-safe Reviews
How to Keep Your Bolting Child Safe Bolting is very common with kids with Down syndrome and Autism. It's also common with some kids with other disabilities, and it's different from just "running away," - it's running away without conscience, with a complete disregard for safety or caution, almost an inability to stop. Some people
best stroller for a kid with a disability Reviews
This post on the best stroller for a child with Down syndrome is NOT sponsored but there are affiliate links in it. I'm not writing this post as an ad; I'm writing it because I really do want newer parents to know this is the best rugged, long-term, high-weight-capacity stroller out there. The Best Stroller for
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