There was a great story on this lady who is, like me, a fierce deaf lipreader and she wrote about what a great equalizer Facebook has been for her. That it allows her to participate in ways she’d never be able to, in real life. (the story is here)

I couldn’t agree more with everything she wrote.

One of the alluring elements of Facebook is that I am on equal footing with everyone there. Facebook is about content, written content. It’s about stories and nuggets of life, condensed into status updates and visual memes. I can be in a group chat there and even while I enjoy it, I know there is no way that same thing could happen in a real-life room.

No way.

There is absolutely no way I could focus on more than one person at a time, and with many people to focus on, I’d quickly become exhausted and want to leave.

Lip reading, you see, drains your brain like nothing else. Try it! Just plug your ears and go to a store and ask for help finding  the pasta noodles. If you want something easier, just lower the volume on your TV until you can *just barely* hear, but can’t hear well enough to understand what anyone is saying. Then focus on their mouths and decipher the conversation.


Maybe that’s one good thing about lipreading: I have next to no tolerance for boring or stupid talk. I don’t suffer through stuff like others do. My brain just shuts off and that’s it, I’m outta there. And it’s not even necessarily by choice; my brain really does just shut off (trust me, there have been many a staff meeting in my life when I wanted to be tuned in but I could not sustain the brain drain on focusing through the boredom).

I’m not going anywhere deep or meaningful with this post. I’m just babbling.

It was great to read something from someone that is from my own tribe.

Speaking of my own tribe and interesting pieces, check out Deconstructing Disability, a little bit of brilliance from the mighty Lawrence Carter-Long.

Holy Wow, but that’s every kind of cool, isn’t it?!


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There are times with Mikey that, I’m kind of ashamed to admit, I pick fights with him.

The place is a freaking mess, one out of the three kids is crying (and maybe they are just taking turns, turning their “cry” button on and off as they will?). I’m exhausted, replete with a full night’s worth of a near-total lack of sleep, we’re out of coffee and my hackles rise. I turn to Mikey, my One True Darling, the man who 4 years ago could literally do NO WRONG, and I berate him for blinking the wrong way:

– why are you looking at me like that?

Like what?

– like THAT! What’s going on, anyway? Why do you have to say that?

Say what?

– say THAT! That I’m a miserable excuse for a mother and human being and I should dig a hole and crawl in already!

Meriah, I didn’t say that

– you did, too!

When did I say that?

– you said that when you looked at me just now and blinked like that!


Yeah. The poor guy. It’s not easy being my husband, and it’s not easy being me sometimes either.

Either I’ll be flat out – OUT:

photo(19)Or I’ll be licking to pick a fight because the sum total of everything brings out the Irish prize fighter in me and makes me want to brawl.

The issues that the devastating tragedy at Sandy Hook brought up make me want to fight – the issues of gun control and mental health. My boxing gloves were already on over these, but then – after I spent something like 4 hours last night (while pumping, nursing, bottle feeding and burping) completely integrating instagram and my nearly 1,000 photos there to every other social  media outlet I have – Instagram announced that it can use all content on the site, royalty and rights free.


image Is seems like it is.

Angry at this on top of everything, I find myself wandering the corriders of facebook, twitter, even pinterest for crying out loud!, daring someone to look at me and bat their eyelashes, just so I can pound out something that autocorrect and my impatience will invariably make me look stupid over.

Suffice to say. I’m forcing myself to stay off of social media until my breathers have an affect.

So tell me: is all this getting to you, too?




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