fresnoWe left the Bay Area and headed for Fresno, where my friend Katie had recently moved. Like, really recently, still-not-totally-unpacked, recently.

Katie and her family were attracted to the idea of moving to Fresno primarily to watch people’s reactions when they told them they were leaving Oakland…for Fresno!

Nah, just joking. Really, it was a whole bunch of reasons, but Fresno’s co-housing scene was high up there. We got to check it out and we were really impressed. Beautiful homes, clean and welcoming communal space, lots of kids, great community garden, pool, kids room… the list goes on. No drawbacks. It’s even really affordable. Oh wait, the only drawback for most people would be that it’s in… Fresno!

We had a fun day with them, ate waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much (and enjoyed every bite), my kids loved playing with hers.

It was good. And by the way, we now think that Fresno is a Texan city that migrated somehow to the crotch of California. Super-churches and huge avenues, lengthy sprawling burbs, pancake places with pancakes the size of select island nations.

Here are some photos

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Maybe another way Fresno’s like Texas?

meriah nichols_-8

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