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meriah nichols july (5 of 16)…and…

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I want to celebrate holidays like Easter with my kids.

Not whole-hog, inflatable bunny in the front yard or a pop-out Jesus Christ emerging from a cave kind of way, but I want to celebrate the intent, spirit and meaning behind Easter: new life. New spirit. Fertility. Last year I wrote a post that I liked about all that and here it is.

This year, Micah was just as obsessed about the candy aspects of Easter as he was last year; he was also into the crafting side of it (- yay for preschool!). He wanted to dye the eggs and go on a hunt and all that good stuff.

I did too and so did my friend Katie, so she  came on over with her adorable son Zia!

 photo 3 photo 2

Kids. Eggs. Dye.

It just sounds like such a bad idea, doesn’t it? Right up there with glue and sticks. 

photo 5 photo 1

It’s not something I’m likely to be brave enough to face alone. And you know what? Thanks to Katie, I don’t and won’t have to.

photo 4 photo 4 photo 5

I’m learning that one of the smartest things I could ever hope to do is ask her over and have fun together.

This makes sense.

Moreover: This. Is. FUN

After the kids dyed their eggs, they played, we waited for the eggs to dry then Katie slipped outside and “hid” them – you know, placed them in plain site here and there – then we went out with the kids.

It just killed me.

Something about little kids looking for stuff.

Slays me every time.

photo 5 photo 4

Micah, knowing what everything contained and what candy was what, was on FIRE, trotting around and scooping up the marshmallow bunnies. Moxie was just charging. And egg’s an egg, “yeah!”. Zia was striding in his sturdy little way, keeping a running commentary on everything that was happening (note: I can’t ever hear what Zia is actually saying: I just hear his voice murmuring along like a babbling brook – “badadbababadaba – DA? mawahwajaboaoajda-  A!!”)

photo 3

It’s so awesome having kids.

photo 3 photo 1

The kids found all the eggs in something like half an hour (less?).

Swift little rascals.

photo 1 photo 5

Swift little candy loving rascals.

photo 5

photo 1

We made egg salad sandwiches with the eggs, chomped down, wiped our faces with the back of our hands, then dug into all that sugary goodness. I don’t have any pictures of that. I was busy too (mama’s gotta make sure it’s safe to eat, right?).

And then came.

Sugar coma.

photo 4

Hope you had an awesome, life-breathing, fun-filled, sugar high inducing Easter too.


It’s Friday. Let’s laugh a little. Or rather, how about all of you preparing to attend to the NDSC Convention laugh a little while you get ready for the weekend (I’m still bitter because they wouldn’t accept my volunteer/scholarship request – they.don’ I.PAY!!! ). Those of us staying at home… is there even an ‘us’? Anybody else not attending?- let’s hunker down with some funny movies or something to drown our pain.

Back to laughing- yes, let’s – there were some great e-cards floating around this week.

Like this one:

And this one, which made me cry from laughing so hard:

You know it: you are there with the cart thinking, whole-grain penne or vegetable fusilli?


– yes, yes, mac and cheese, we don’t need any (whole grain? vegetable? which one is cheaper?)


– we really don’t need them, OH NO MOXIE! Moxie! Not all the boxes off the shelves! (grab the dang vegetable fusilli, who cares, it’s food)


I don’t know if I’d call this ‘funny’ or just a total face-palm/sigh:

(and let’s add “husband” to that, because I swear, the best way to get My One True Darling to pay attention to me is to sit down on the couch with a book)

I had to make phone calls this week, many of them to big places that played me some muzak and told me how important I am to them. THEY LIE!!!

(when I posted that to the facebook wall, I knew Serene would call me on that and she did!)

…and this one isn’t new. But let’s wrap this up on a high-note with one we all loved, shall we?!

Have a great weekend! Oh, and:

1. All of these ecard/memes were posted on the facebook wall – “like” it and you’ll get them in your feed when I find and post….well, maybe you will: facebook want me to pay for people to see what I post on the wall – so they are deliberately hiding some posts after a certain count has been reached – unless the post gets moved by you (that is, shared, commented upon, etc).

The other way around it is if you click the arrow at the top of any post in your newsfeed, then make sure you are ‘subscribed‘ and not just that but ‘to all posts’. If that part isn’t checked, you bet your bottom dollar that you are missing stuff because facebook has gone public; they need money; they want us with pages to PAY to have people see what we post!

2. Week in Review is coming tomorrow. It’ll be good. Stay tuned.

3.  NDSC’ers? No salt in my wound please. Hold the stories on how awesome it all was until I’ve licked my bruised ego clean.

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