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There is no time like the present (is that a pun?!) to utilize this ultimate gift guide for disability – that is, the ultimate gift guide for supporting  businesses with a positive connection to disability.

This list is called the “Ultimate Gift Guide” and while it’s all of that, it’s far from complete. There are a lot of fantastic businesses that should be mentioned but I didn’t have the links or I didn’t know about them. So please, do me a favor and leave the links to artists and businesses that I’ve missed in the comment section of this post.

I’ve organized this into three categories to make your shopping a little easier, according to who you most want to support – Disabled Entrepreneurs, Allies of the Disabled, or Businesses that Work with the Disabled and/or Give Back to the Disability Community.

Gift Guide for Disability: Supporting Businesses with a Connection to Disability

photo for the gift guide for disability: image description: child holding orange flower in front of her smiiling face. Text to the right reads "Disabled Entrepreneurs"

1. Businesses that are run by disabled artists/entrepreneurs.

This means that the product is made by the individual with the disability and the store is run largely through their own efforts.

Allie ArtAllie Art

Holy Mother of WOW! Allie’s art is gorgeous! Vibrant, color-rich and reasonably-priced. She has jewelry, too.

Oliver HellowellOliver Hellowell Photography

Gorgeous photos. Lots of nature-shots.


Alana Designs

Alana Theriault is a friend of mine. She sells lovely prints and cards that she made. Her drawing is amazing.

luciaflyingcow-l350My Imagiville, by DJ Svoboda

DJ Svobada is autistic. He creates this alternate-world, “Imagiville” with different kinds of people in it. He sells all kinds of super-cool things on his site.

b9ff6f5724f3fb413c5c1cd294a635d5Christian Royal Pottery:

Oh. My. Lord. Wait till my mom sees his stuff!! Ma, you are going to LOVE THIS!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous pottery. Those leaves?! The designs? Brilliant! I think his slogan should be, “Stoneware with Impeccable Charm.”

Christina Mills modeling Nth Degree T-ShirtThe Nth Degree

Thoughtful, thought-provoking clothes, bumper stickers, pins and posters representing the disability spectrum (like this t-shirt that model Christina Mills wears, saying “Feel the Power of the Disability Vote!”

product_imageSoul-Made Goods

Wood-burned art and paper goods with inspirational (and many religious-themed) messages. My favorite was probably the “kissing hand pocket charm” – sweet little hands shaped into the ASL sign for “I love you.”

snow-in-norway-4Tazia Fawley

She makes cut-outs and paintings that are simply vibrant and bursting with energy. She is also the famous artist who gave Prince George one of her paintings, which was displayed in his nursery.

his-birdsnest-hat-suzy-norrisSuzy Norris

WOW. Get ready to be blown away by some powerful art. Suzy’s stuff comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, and most of her art is available in any form: phone case, t-shirt, print, poster, etc.


Dreamy, often abstract art from the brilliant Andrew Weatherly. He has a wide collection of everything from rainbow swirls to sunrises.

Meriah Nichols -3 Meriah Nichols

*blush* Yeah, that’s me. I’m selling some of my photos now – you can get them printed onto canvas, metal, or regular paper directly through my shop.


Megan Bomgaars is one of my favorites from the hit series, “Born This Way,” because she reminds me a lot of my daughter, Moxie. She is also a total rockstar of creative awesomeness, selling everything from her hand-dyed silk scarves to yoga pants.

preview-coping-calendar-2017-coverHaley Brown

I remember when Haley wanted to get set up as an artist, so I can’t even begin to tell you how THRILLED I was to see her site!!! It is amazing. She has beautiful drawings, cards, and this “Coping Calendar” which I just ordered for myself, because that’s exactly what I need in a calendar: reminders & beauty.

tropical-heatSweet Heat Jams

Pineapple and Jalepano jam?! Don’t mind if I do. This stuff sounds divine. If that’s not your cuppa tea, there’s a lot more for ya on the site shop.

 healing boxHealing Boxes

Remember when I interviewed Grace Quantock over on Two Thirds of the Planet? Of course you do! She’s the driving force behind the rad “Healing Boxes”, which offer “delightful, practical and ethically filled gift boxes for people dealing with illness or tough times.” They have all kinds of boxes – from “Hospital Boxes” to boxes for those recently engaged in Traumatic Brain Injury.


  • Tee-Public, by Mike Mort – super awesome t-shirts that go across the disability spectrum, something for everyone
  • Group Hug Apparel – very popular t-shirt company run by Andrew, who has Down syndrome
photo for the gift guide for disability: image description: a small child is at the waterfront and is turning toward the camera with her arms spread wide. the text reads, "allies of the disabled (friends/family)"

2. Small businesses that are run by allies of the disabled – namely, friends and family of the disabled



photo for the gift guide for disability: image description: 3 children smile at the camera, text reads "businesses that work with the disabled and/or give back to the disability community"

3. Businesses that work with the disabled and/or give back to the disability community

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

I’ve been buying this stuff for my kids for a while now, so imagine my delight when I found out that Aaron is a large employer of people with disabilities?! Rock on. Moxie’s favorite is the neon pink. Of course.

 arc barks dog treatsArc Barks Dog Treats

I have a service dog and I had no idea about these! Pure awesomeness. Preservative-free dog treats made by people with disabilities?! Count me in.

Yo! Disabled and Proud

This is an organization that helps empower youth and others with disabilities. They have a fantastic online gift shop, chock-full of great stuff like books related to the disability rights movement, disability pride and power. Check it out.

 The Big Guns:

Ever want to know what businesses have a good track record with disability? That is, that recruit, hire and retain employees with disabilities, that support accommodation and more? Check out Return on Disability’s 2016 Annual Report. They have deeply analyzed almost every aspect of employment and disability within major firms, and make it easy for you to decide where you want your money to go. Added to that, they cover both the United States and Canada.

That’s it for now, folks.
Many thanks to Missy Skavlem for her 2013 post, “Businesses Owned by People with Down syndrome“, and Michelle with her 2012 post, “21 Days of Giveaways.”
Please share this post and support businesses that have a positive connection with disability. Feel free to leave links to businesses that you know of that were not included in this post.
Happy shopping!
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