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Dolls with Down syndrome

Note: this is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. ___________ When I was a kid I loved Barbie. Oh, secretly of course, I knew loving that mainstream bit of blonde freakishness with her otherworldly proportions, built-in high heeled feet and rock-hard (nipple-less!) bosoms would not win admiration for me from my parents, but…yeah. I loved …

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Live Your Life with Moxie: Keychain Giveaway

Month with Moxie: Celebration Giveaway Moxie was born in May 2010 with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. She had already miraculously healed from her diffuse fetal hydrops and the holes in her heart. She was named “Moxie” as she had shown that she was full of it: courage. Verve. Vigor. Moxie has challenged us …

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