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Stories form in my head as we travel but somehow in the dark of the morning when I sit down to write, they are gone.

Maybe they ran away with my sleeping dreams, maybe they are just hiding, but I have an empty space where they once were.

I think for this post I’ll simply keep it to the photos and let them tell the story of driving into Arizona, taking the train to the Grand Canyon (complete with gunfight show and robbery), the Grand Canyon and the Junior Ranger Program.

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Grand Canyon Railroad:

Deaf access: F. Nothing was captioned, nothing provided in print to accompany pieces like the gunfight or train show. I didn’t hear any part of the story.

Physical access: it looked like a solid C. I saw a wheelchair user being lifted into the train, but his family was apologizing for it and the train staff had that vibe of, “oh really, it’s not a problem to be out in the freezing cold and using this chair lift….but…..I’m freezing cold and *have* to operate this chair lift”. Actual access was there BUT the vibe wasn’t right. I would have been mortified if I was that guy being lifted.

Grand Canyon and Williams:

They were about the same. Printed signs for the deaf to read, nothing captioned or in sign.

Physical access around the Grand Canyon as far as I could see was great – lots of ramps and different ways to move around the visitors areas.

Williams also seemed to be easy to physically access.


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