You know, people talk about women being able to vote as the true harbinger of women’s independence….but I totally disagree. All those grim-looking ladies from the 1800’s weren’t thinking about VOTING, my friend. They were thinking about…

a little moxiepost on laundry-5That’s right.


a little moxiepost on laundry-11Let me tell you, I’ve been at it now here on the Lost Coast, washing our farming clothes by hand in the cold water – yeah, with a plunger! and a scrubbing brush and board! – materials remarkably similar to what is shown in that photo to the left – or exactly the same as this one

a little moxiepost on laundry-2only not really, because I am envious of the owner of that wringer.

a little moxiepost on laundry-16

this is ME these days, only I don’t have a friend to hang out with in the background and I’m using plastic buckets (wood barrels seem more romantic somehow)

a little moxiepost on laundry-6


I get it! I get it, sister!

a little moxiepost on laundry-7YES!

It kind of makes me want to crawl into a hole and wait for the third coming.

a little moxiepost on laundry-8

I just know she’s thinking it. I would too, if I had FOUR children. It doesn’t matter what their background or race was, they were all thinking the SAME THING:


a little moxiepost on laundry-17

maybe with expletives

a little moxiepost on laundry-20

a little moxiepost on laundry-24

This lady had it SO BAD: laundry on a fire! with two kids!

a little moxiepost on laundry-19

These ladies at least had each other.

a little moxiepost on laundry-15

Maybe that’s why they are smiling – they’re all caught up on talk, so they don’t need a therapist

a little moxiepost on laundry-4

This lady has the right idea. Keep them semi-clothed! Less laundry!

I can’t even imagine how psyched women were when the washing machine came around – even the simple versions

I mean, I’ve only been doing this for A MONTH and photos of a washing machine make my heart beat a little faster


a little moxiepost on laundry-9

The vote? Yeah, it’s important, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure there is ANYTHING like a bucket that is constantly full of  farm-dirty clothes for taking away my whole entire day. It never ends! Ever! Always more dirty clothes and always more to wash and soak and scrub and hang and collect and fold and – OH LOOK – more!

So those ladies in the old photos… you bet. It was laundry that was pulling them down.

And it was the washing machine that freed them.

Just like the one that I’ve got my eyes on is going to free me

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