I keep reading posts on how the dishes can wait.

We need to savour this time with our kids, soak up all these moments just sodden with fleeting deliciousness. Forget the cleaning! Let those dishes wait! Go and play with the kids, those small people you (probably) brought into the world and for whom your own world revolves!

Um… yeah. I’m not sure that’s the thing I ought to be doing really.

I’m not saying I don’t love being with my kids: I do.

And being full of a natural gift for messiness and a propensity for clutter, I’m just about the first person I know to slap down the housecleaning reins and holler for FUN first!

But this is the thing: those dishes in the sink? They are not going to get up and wash themselves. That floor? It’s not self cleaning. Those clothes? They don’t walk over to the laundromat and jump in the tub, worse luck.

And this child? Won’t stop practicing her art.

photo 4

Nor would I ever want her to; if anything, I encourage it, walls be damned! Her art thrills me, fills me with glee! But I can’t deny that the surfaces of pretty much everywhere in our place are coated and it can end up looking like something that will hamper your soul.

photo 2

This, my friends, is something that I’ve come to honestly believe: that too much clutter, loads of dirty dishes and just…mess will, in fact, verily hamper my soul. Kind of stifles my creativity, allows ill-will towards my One True Darling Man Mikey to fester, and well, just makes me an overall cranky, mean, shrewish, narrow minded, no-fun crazy Mama.

photo 3

So the dishes can’t actually wait.

The dishes need to not wait. The place needs to get cleaned and even if I have to give up painting this morning in lieu of plunging my hands into the mound that was once supposedly my sink…well, that’s what I have to do.

It’s really that important.

It really makes that much of a difference.

I’m tuning into the Fly Lady – bless her soul for all the good she brings to people like me! – Are you already on her site? I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I need to download an app or something from her. Every little bit that she advises – Habit of the Month! 40 Days of De Cluttering! This stuff is gooooooood!

And gets me so that I’m not letting those dishes wait.

10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, working on the zones makes me more of the person I want to be.

photo 5

Anyway, yeah. so Mikey is playing with Mack and Moxie now while Micah is sleeping in (lucky kid). I am writing this when I really should be practicing what I preach.

So I’m going to go on now and do that.

Later, gator.

photo 1



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