iphone2I had been sick. That’s really my main excuse. I was sick and fuzzy brained and lulled by the quiet small town that we were staying near. The sun was warm. I had recently had an attack of Montezuma’s Revenge and was weak, sitting by my beloved across the street from the truck (wherein the chitlins were cool, comfortable and sleeping/reading).

I got up to follow my beloved in taking a look at something on the truck tailgate, forgetting my phone that was next to me. I had been sick, remember, not myself. The sun was warm. The town was so small and quiet. I thought it would be okay – or did I? I think it’s more honest to say I just wasn’t thinking.

And this is what I learned:

  1. Where is my iPhone: best. App. Ever. And guess what? I didn’t have it on my phone! Do yourself a favor and download it RIGHT NOW. You know what I could have done if I had downloaded it? I could have driven right up to where the radar indicated by phone was, stretched out my hand and said, “put it here”. [head-desk]
  2. Insurance: oh, I had it?! What a pleasant surprise! Great to learn and I do think it was worth it.
  3. Dealing with companies: Verizon, the insurance company, all of them are NOT deaf friendly. And they seem stupid – they ask me continually to ‘call them’ on their site and it’s like, wait a sec… besides the fact that you assume I am hearing, you are missing the fundamental point that I just filled out a form that said I’m in MEXICO and my PHONE WAS STOLEN – with WHAT would I be calling you, if I was actually hearing and going to call at all?
  4. Evernote: I don’t use my phone for calling. But I use my phone for everything else: texting, photos, music, audible (if you want to know how a deaf person listens to music/audible on the phone, I would be glad to explain it but you gotta ask), kindle and especially NOTES. I am kicking myself here, KICKING myself because I didn’t use Evernote. Evernote would have synced to my computer and I would have, could have, kept the lists of things I wanted to keep track of, the millions of blog post ideas, the this, the that, and… sigh. Gone.
  5. iCloud: failing Evernote, I could have just logged into iCloud and saved my actual Notes on the cloud… did I ever? NO! Not once! I could have backed up all those photos, all those notes, all my contacts information, every.single.piece. that is standard and iphone-ish, I could have kept.

iphoneI miss my iPhone. That is absolutely true. It’s also true that I see this as a good lesson. This costs mostly time and energy to fix (thanks to the insurance), and a lot of frustration. But I know that I was growing careless and it was better to have this stolen than say, the camera. That’s actually kind of funny as I type it because I use a Nikon D5100 which used, costs around $300 – that is less than the iPhone!! But whatever. You get my drift.

Buckle up, kids, it’s a wild world.


If there are any other apps that are along the lines of ‘you-will-head-desk-yourself-if-you-find-out-later-about-this-and-don’t-have-it’, will you share in the comments?!

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