issy stapleton


.. I’m not sure if you read the news? A mother who was denied services for her autistic daughter attempted a murder/suicide recently. The news of it is all over the place. Here is the story: Teen With Autism Hospitalized

But this is the story I think you should read. It’s by an autistic disability rights advocate and it’s called Issy Stapleton Attempted Murder. Autism Community Responds.

Please read it.

She speaks for me: we don’t need to walk a mile in anyone’s shoes to know that murder in any form is unacceptable. That killing your child because your child didn’t receive services is horrific.

She also speaks of the other things you can do. Less dramatic, for sure, but things that will alleviate the pressure and bring you relief.

This should never happen.

And it’s not about how sorry we should feel for the poor mother who had it so hard. She may have. But that is no excuse to try and murder her daughter.

Here is the post again: Issy Stapleton Attempted Murder. Autism Community Responds.



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