Hey! that was something wasn’t it? I was telling you about the chain of events that have led us to STILL BEING HERE, which really honestly only disappoints me because I kind of had my heart set on experiencing a Day of the Dead in Mexico. Other than that, it’s mostly just frustrating in that we would like to be on the road already BUT, let’s face it: there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse places to be stuck waiting for mail! We have food, fine company and my brother’s temper-pedic mattress (- and that thing is the BOMB!).

But we were facing Halloween here without costumes and that bummed me out. THANK YOU to you wonderful people that offered to send costumes for the kids: may the wind always be at your back, the sun smile upon you and sweet karma be yours.

Since we were just coming back from camping, we ended up going to the local thrift store and picking up a couple of costumes, for MacQuinn and Moxie. They were great! Only a couple of dollars each! Benefit of the small town life, that’s for sure. NO WAY would costumes that cute and cheap still be on the rack the day before Halloween in the San Francisco Bay Area!

We assembled Micah’s swiftly – just his great-Grandma’s white sweater, a belt from the thrift store and a light saber from Target. It worked out really well. BUT… when the time came to go… Mister MacQue was…


Yep. No-nap Mac-Q was out.



Luke Skywalker and Bunnita were on their own! With their trusty chaperone and photographer (- mama), of course!


Adorable, right?!! I can’t believe these kids came out of me. If I wasn’t there when it happened, I’d swear you made it up.

I also swear that I’ve never seen Moxie learn anything so fast in her life as she learned how to effectively trick/treat! I am seriously considering using candy as motivating bait for the future – but this is what happened:


She trotted along after Micah for the first couple of houses


Then she caught on that with the bunny ears ON her head, she received more “ooohs” and squeals of delight and those equaled MORE CANDY


Since we didn’t have a bucket for her, we were using a pillow case – which was too big for her to carry. She was carrying the candy in her hands and had that stuff in a death-grip, let me tell you! If I suggested she put it in the pillowcase, she looked at me like I was off my rocker and was absolutely emphatic with her “NO!”s.

But THEN she caught on that if she gave me her candy to hold in her bag, and arrived at the door empty-handed, she got even MORE candy!


Mid-way through our adventure, she had it DOWN: she’d be in the stroller, holding a candy. When we got to a house, she’d hand me her candy, ask to get out, she would put the hood/bunny ears on her head and run on over to the house, empty handed and bunny eared.

We came home with full bags, greeted by our Macaroon


How was your Halloween???


I’m going to finish the stories from the Big Lagoon on Sunday – and tomorrow we’ll be back with the Cool Cat Disability Profile series! Stay tuned


He loves her so much.


She sings to him


Whispers secrets in his ear


Shares her i-pad


She shows him how to make maximum mess!


The grander, the better


She swings him


And swings him!

She takes his calls



She teaches him music!

IMG_5884 IMG_5897

And gives him sweet kisses


He loves her. So much.


So very much.




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