You have to understand, you guys: I grew up in FIJI.

Hot, sweltering, FIJI, where cockroaches flying around were so large that some tourists would think they were some kind of shiny (slimy?) black bird. And I could crush those things under my flimsy rubber flip-flops without breaking stride in my conversations. The spiders were so large that you could fry them up for dinner – and I heard that people in other parts of the world do that with theirs?

Fiji, with flying foxes all over the place, bats! Fiji, with all things growing in its moist, tropic heat. Huge bugs, blood sucking mosquitoes that should be put to a match with those from the American Midwest; creatures hungry for anything they could suck, bite or swipe.

Growing up there wasn’t for the faint of heart and I thought it did a pretty good job of de-squeeming me but I am not so sure about that anymore thanks to these LOST COAST MICE

So, first it was finding them in the drawers. Cute little suckers.

Then it was finding them in the sink with the dishes.
meriah nichols mouse in dishes

Then it was them RUNNING OUT OF THE PRINTER when I hit “print”

Then it was finding them in the silk screen materials

Then it was finding a huge nest made out of MY GOOD BEDDING

Then it was finding a nest INSIDE THE PRINTER, and finding that they’d destroyed the tape, everything – (does Epson take returns for mice-demolishments?!)

yes, this a NEST, inside the PRINTER
yes, this a NEST, inside the PRINTER

Then it was finding that they’d bitten through the thick plastic bags – double lined – that kept the dried fruit – and those were in thick cupboards that I thought would be impenetrable to small furry rodents?

Then they were in my COOKING UTENSILS… (and in the cupboard below that were a couple of live ones running around in the tupperware)

meriah nichols aug (1 of 1)

….and then the day came in which I was having breakfast with the kids and the kids were looking up at the ceiling, all 3 of them, Mac and Moxie saying “up!”, “up!” I looked up and couldn’t figure it out, I asked Micah what was going on and he said, “oh, it’s just the mice, Mommy – they are running around on the roof!”

vampire mouse of the lost coast


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