morgan freeman


Tell me. What do you think of when you see this?

Do you hear Morgan Freeman’s “wise” voice gently speaking the words?

The photo is of Morgan Freeman.

The caption reads, “Attacking People With Disabilities is the Lowest Display of Power I Can Think Of” – Morgan Freeman

 I am sick of people defining who we are and aren’t.

And you are going to tell me to chill out, right, that he’s just trying to be nice and that I’m making a big fucking mountain out of a molehill. Right?

But have you ever thought of the longer term ripples that come out of a stone like this that’s thrown into the pond that is social media? Memes like this promote the idea that people with disabilities are an incapable people. That we are the weakest in our society. Woe to us, man, because we can’t fight our own fights! Give us a handout and a big fat slice of that there pity pie and let’s call it a day.

People read this kind of crap and pass it on and you know what you are doing? You are perpetuating the idea – however mild or well-intentioned it might be – that we are weak and on the bottom rung of society. You do this, and more like this, and you are doing your part in schooling employers, teachers, community leaders, union organizers, medical practioners and everyone else in the world that your child – or you – or your cousin, sister, friend, SOMEBODY in your world with a disability is not as capable nor as strong as everyone else. You are helping to promote discrimination, one meme at a time.

So don’t tell me it’s not a big deal. Because it is. This shit adds up and never equals anything better for a person with a disability.

Let us tell our own story. And Morgan Freeman? Let us narrate our own shit.


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