noah’s dad


I couldn’t believe it.

A friend  messaged me on facebook, asking me what on earth was going on with Noah’s Dad and the IDSC (- The International Down syndrome Coalition). I had no idea, but after only a few quick minutes of scoping around, found out.

In a nutshell, The IDSC changed their logo – they just removed their tagline, “All Life is Precious”. That’s it. No changes to their Mission Statement, no changes in their website or what they stand for: just a logo change.

Like…. this

kfc logo

Or like… this

starbucks logo change

Logos change! And taglines aren’t usually part of a logo – and if they are, then they are usually the part that goes when a logo gets streamlined!

Noah’s Dad is hungry desperate for attention

When Rick Smith, aka “Noah’s Dad” heard of the logo change, he decided that because the IDSC removed “All Life is Precious” from their logo, they were suddenly PRO ABORTION!


Let me repeat this: the IDSC changes its logo – not the Mission! – and Rick Smith is screaming that they are pro-abortion from his paid-pulpit of Facebook.

But that’s not all – when the community and the IDSC tried to reason with him, he slashed at them, started deleting comments and then actually blocked people from his page.

shocked download

I have a hard time actually wrapping my head around his type of extremism and I know that I shouldn’t even be writing about this, it’s SEO fuel for his fodder and all, but it’s like,


I mean, dude, we have people with Down syndrome being killed out there, we have judges willing to give new trials to rapists of girls with Down syndrome, we have access and inclusion issues, we have the ABLE act to pass, we have BIGGER SHIT ON OUR PLATES TO FACE THAN A FRIGGING LOGO TAGLINE.

Rick Smith putting the time and energy into this, using the clout he has to slander an organization that has only shown love and pro-action toward people with Down syndrome is a crying shame and seriously makes me question whether anything he has ever done was actually for Down syndrome or for himself.

//end rant.


There, I said it.

He really, really annoys me.

He reminds me of the know-it-all in class who wouldn’t just raise his hand every.single.time with the answer; he’d jump up and shout it out – after he peeked in the answer book.

It annoys me that after he spammed the hell out of the Down syndrome mommy community, he now makes it “okay” to have a child with Down syndrome. Like any of us need his permission. It annoys me that he doesn’t collaborate with the community. He is a constant self-promotion machine. It annoys me that somehow people think this good.

Well, I suppose if someone is being helped by him, then okay. I just think that if I had found him when I was pregnant with Moxie and heard the cloying tones of his virtual pen, I’d have despaired deep in my heart: that being “okay!” with Down syndrome was what was in store.

Oh, yay.

Now smack me already.

What I wanted when I was pregnant is what is out there now in the form of Down syndrome Blogs.

It’s a smorgasboard of blogs, divided by sub-category and containing a live blog roll. Yes, I made it and yes I curate it, but I promise it’s not a self-promotion billboard.

It’s a labor of love to the people like me that are out there and need to find a voice that they can relate to.

So, if you haven’t been, go now. Browse around. Make some friends. Rediscover old ones.

The past Blog Hops are also up, and there are some truly excellent Power Posts linked.

Want your own blog added?


Email me the link, please, as well as the sub-categories you think it fits with (for example, do you also write about adoption? Or your faith? Are you pregnant right now, awaiting your child who will be coming with Down syndrome? etc).


(withalittlemoxie AT gmail.com)

 End rant. Now let’s go out there and enjoy our day.


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