older sister


I talked a little last time of Moxie's slow warm up towards MacQuinn….

She's thawing a little more in his area.

She's digging the feeding of him.

And I've noticed her noticing his safety – wanting to make sure he's always buckled in

Looks to me like she's learning to be a Big Sister

Doesn't it?



This little slice o' love was brought to you by the Tea Collection

Quick note on the Tea Collection: The Tea Collection rocks and I think everyone knows that already. On the off chance you don't, though, this is why they do:

  • Tea Collection clothes are authentically inspired with a fundamental artistic interpretation of the global destination. (The new holiday collection is inspired by Nordic design!)
  • Adorable, durable fabric: perfect for all ages from newborn to 12 years.
  • Ease (wearable, distinctive pieces)
  • Versatile (creative, yet functional)
  • Fun, Modern (fresh, forward thinking)
  • Prints! Very on trend this season
  • Mix-and-match wardrobe sets

I adore what they make, the fabric they use and the message of global-love they try to instil in what they make


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