We’ve been living a state of high suspense for some time now. Oh yeaaaaah, there is the part about leaving in EIGHTEEN (18) DAYS for this adventure that is just… mindblowing. And there is every*little*bit that’s been leading up to it. The parts, the truck, camper, the research, the phone calls, the analyzing. We’re firing this off with the most slender of budgets. One of these days I’ll run the numbers by you and you are going to leave your jaw on the floor, I’ll tell you that much.

So anyway.

The question of SOLAR or GENERATOR was a pretty big one. Solar, makes total sense right? We are going to a lot of sunny places, should be the way to go. Only solar kits have a bad reputation and are not cheap. A lot of people go the generator route. Which is also not cheap, but at least is a sure-fire working deal. A NOISY sure-fire working deal, that is. The  noise doesn’t bother me (haha), but it definitely rubs Mikey wrong.

He wanted to go the solar route. Buy the panels – NOT the kits –  and figure out how to install and wire the whole thing on his own.

And me, well, I’m going to say this: I trust Mikey’s judgement implicitly. I told him from the get-go that he can run stuff by me if he wants (- like a sounding board) but really, anything he wants is fine, I support it, and if it fails, I won’t get mad. I know he’s trying as hard as he can. I trust that.

He wanted to go the solar route.

So, okay. I nodded. Let’s do it.

He plunked down a big wad of change – bills, really – and the panels came in the mail a bit later. He should amend this post or write his own and include links and things, because let me tell you: he dug up some real fatties. It was link after link, post after post. Diagram after diagram.


He even called this guy named Bob over in Arizona!

I’ve been feeling a bit like a solo parent this past month what with those SOLAR PANELS, and not even bitching that hard about it to myself because, whoah, SOLAR PANELS! What can you say? Right? We need them! Badly!

Mikey compounded everything by telling me that if he wired it all up wrong, it would blow up.


Thanks, honey.

This morning he comes into the apartment and tells us all that it’s the “moment of truth”. He’s going to test it out. Turn it on. See if he actually did it right, if that’s a couple grand wasted or not.


Oh my God, I haven’t had butterflies that bad since having a baby.



AND – sorry my hands were shaking and I couldn’t take a steady photo –

Holy. Shit. IT WORKS!!!!



The enormity of this hit us both and if were the crying type, we’d have collapsed on the floor all sobbing or something.





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