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Facebook posts are a good example of how life works, I think. Whatever you give your attention to is whatever stays at the top of a feed. It doesn’t matter if you hate it or if you love it: if you give your attention to it – by commenting on it or by “liking” it or whatever – your attention is there and it’s going to stay at the top.

If we only pay attention to the stuff that makes us happy by commenting on, liking and sharing those nuggets – and if we let the negative flotsam pass by without paying it attention (either by sharing it out of horror/disgust, or by reading it, commenting on it and so forth) – if we let it just drift on by, our lives will be tuned in to a much more positive and happy place.

This is easy to write and really hard to do sometimes. You know, when someone is posting something on Facebook that is incredibly annoying (like a mosquito!) or insulting. Or in real life, when the kids are screaming, pouring their cereal on the floor and refusing to nap, turning their sleep-deprived selves into psychotic beasts from hell. Yeah. It’s hard to let it pass by or see anything good about the situation.

It’s all about little steps. Baby steps. Small increments into a whole. Rather than being glad that the kids are frothing from naplessness, I’m just grateful for hearing aids and love being able to turn them off. My world of dead silence floods me with gratitude.


You might not be lucky enough to be deaf, but I’m sure there is something – something! – that makes your world, your week beautiful. I’m sure there is plenty in your Facebook feed to turn your attention to that will make you smile.

So here. Please share slices of your life that make you smile. That bring you relief. That make you glad inside.

That make your week beautiful.

This is a Photo Hop: Post a photo below

Follow the 1-2 rule: for every photo that you upload here (and yes, you can upload more than one), “like” two others. Let’s create community by encouraging and sharing. Links are open until Sunday midnight, my (San Francisco) time.

…and how to upload?!

  1. Just click “click here to enter”, below. Then,
  2. Fill in a link – ANY link. Use your facebook account link, link to your blog/website/anything goes, really.
  3. Add a caption for your photo. This will show BELOW your photo
  4. Your email and name – these DO NOT show – I’m asking for this to prevent spam and to have a way to contact you if I need to
  5. Choose where you want to get your photo from and how to crop it. I suggest the middle: FROM FILE, that’s from your computer. If you are posting from your blog link and want a photo from your blog, then ‘Web” will work.

share the beautiful xoxo meriah




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