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This is a post about My Law of Attraction Project Planner. It is not a sponsored post; I purchased this planner myself and am currently using it.

I love the concepts of the Law of Attraction (read Ask and it is Given for the big scoop). In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction is about your energy and focus, and it’s about creating the type of life you want, as opposed to simply sort of bumbling along and dealing with what life throws at you.

I use planners extensively in my daily life, and given that I love the concepts of the Law of Attraction, I used the Law of Attraction Planner first, then the Passion Planner (read here for a comparison on planners). They are both excellent planners, but neither focused as much on the principles of the Law of Attraction in daily life as I need or want.

Rather, they both are aiming to be regular daily planners with some Law of Attraction concepts sprinkled in. What I want and need is something that can focus waaaaaay more on the energy-shifts, positive focus, vibrational pivoting and new-story telling that is a necessity in actual, deep practice of the Law of Attraction.

This is what I did: I got the Erin Condren planner for work: it’s tailored and very specific for just what I need as a blogger (my review post on the Erin Condren planner is here).

Then I got the Phoenix Planner for trying to plan out focused change in the next 12 weeks. This is change that is mostly on a personal level, so it doesn’t make sense to me to use my work planner for it.

Finally, I got this very focused Law of Attraction Project Planner to guide me through the daily application of law of attraction exercises, which I complete in the daily blank page that the Phoenix Planner gives me.

My Law of Attraction Project Planner Review Vlog

My Law of Attraction Project Planner

What’s Good:
  • The exercises for pivoting, telling a new story, writing out positive aspects and gratitude are outstanding
  • There are daily exercises as well as larger project-based ones
  • It includes lots of mandala-like designs for coloring to help get you into a meditative, reflective space
  • The concepts are solid, practical, and easy to follow
  • It’s great for beginners as well, as everything is explained in simple, easy-to-understand language. If you want to learn how to apply the Law of Attraction, look no further: this planner will guide you easily through it all.
What’s Not Good:
  • The paper quality is flimsy; I would never actually write in it because my ultra-fine sharpies would bleed right through everything.

My Law of Attraction Project Planner: Summary

I think it’s worth buying even though the paper quality is so crappy, mainly just because there isn’t anything else like it out there.  I mean, they have NO competition at all.

What will be awesome though, is when they take the same design and layout of this planner and use paper quality like the Passion Planner, and with a flat-lying hard cover (maybe spiral bound).

Waterproof hearing aids are a big deal.

I mean, huge. HUGE! I don’t think you are actually likely to understand unless you actually use hear-wear. It’s enormous.

Just to kind of give you a glimpse, though, think about all the times in which water is around you: the shower, the pool, hot tubs, hot springs, ocean, rivers, RAIN? Maybe it’s a bigger deal for me than for someone living in say, Kansas, since I’ve spent my entire life so far around the Pacific Ocean, but there is no denying that for any of us, all of us, water is a part of our lives.

Water is always in the back of my mind.

Someone turns on the sprinkler? DAMMIT! get that away from my hearing aids! Or the hose, or those sudden-dousing “fun” things? Boats, canoes, kayaks, all of that usually has me in anxiety.

My choice, you see, has always been to either participate in something that relates to water and take the chance of killing my super expensive piece of hear-ware OR participate with them off, rendering me unable to communicate, thanks to my lack of signing (parents; this is why you need to teach your kids ASL, okay?? so they are not stuck like I am now).

So I just about swooned when I saw that Siemens has a new TOTALLY WATERPROOF hearing aid out.

Siemens Aquaris: A Waterproof Hearing Aid

I know, for those of you who know hearing aids, this really does sound like an impossibility, doesn’t it? I mean, where does the battery casing go? The microphone? How can the microphone work if it’s encased? Doesn’t make sense. But I was so excited about the possibility, I went for it anyway.

These are the hearing aids:

Sexy beast! Bring on the beige, baby!

They are clearly way smaller and lighter than my backups – my ears are grateful for that. They have no volume control or adjustments; completely digital. I’m fine with that, and used to it too, since my Phonak’s operate the same way.

I am not even using the phone anymore – too stressful – so I have not tested them for bluetooth/T-coil capacity.

siemensaquaris_spec_blk_4Sound quality

It’s always a brain-bender to get used to a different sound system. The overall sound quality for the hearing aids is fine, it’s this strange sort of echo-y, tin-tastical-laced voiced sounds that kind of wanked me out. It’s like a dim, raspy-yet-clear- megaphone going straight into your ear canal. Does that make sense?

I think that the sound quality in Phonaks or non-waterproof Siemen’s models are better in terms of clarity.

The Water Part

  1. Swimming

I went swimming with Mack and Moxie and wore them – and it was WEIRD. It was actually not fun because I’m not used to hearing all that and it kind of freaked me out. The water sounds crinkly and metallic and rather than a lovely silence that goes with the feeling of water, it’s this jarring bunch of sound. And people in pools are NOISY – I didn’t know that (or like it).

So… the hearing aids work fine while swimming. But I won’t be doing that again unless I absolutely have to.

2. Showering

I took a shower with them in and it was just… ugh! How can hearing people stand to listen to shampoo like that? It’s TERRIBLE! That lathering sound is excruciating.

While the sounds of the actual shower were like nails on chalkboard to me, I liked being able to hear Moxie scream from the yurt (- or did I?), I liked the measure of safety that I felt being able to hear as I showered, but… I gotta be honest, I’m not doing it again. I much prefer my silent showers, so I’m not sure I’m going to be using them in the shower unless I absolutely have to.


I’m a few months in to using these hearing aids as my primary hearing devices. I love them because here in Humboldt County, it rains a lot and I am never nervous anymore about getting my hearing aids wet outside while walking or hiking. That’s an awesome feeling.

I also like them while on the beach or river, because again, no worries about water accidentally destroying them.

But I won’t go swimming or shower with them in unless I have no choice. I can’t stand the unfamiliar sounds and much prefer my silence.

While I do think that the sound quality in Phonaks or non-waterproof Siemens models are superior to the sound quality in these, these bubbas are waterproof. I’m not getting the best quality sound, but since I’m a pretty active mom of 3 very active kids living in one of the rainiest parts of California with a lifestyle that revolves around water, I’ll take it.


This post is not sponsored in any way, shape or form. I purchased the hearing aids through insurance and am only writing this review for other hear-wearers out there who might want to know about these. Questions? Please ask in the comments or message me. I’m happy to share more.

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