"Who shoots a Sikh?" Karan mused on her facebook status. "Is their fanning of their holy books just too loud? Is their long hair just too luxurious? Their kirpan too shiny? Their temple too gold?"

Karan is a 30-something year old Oakland hipster-gardener-traveler and I think she nailed it. I mean, who shoots a Sikh?


Sikhs – the "truth seekers" or "disciples of God" are unequivically the "good guys". They are the ones that live to a code to serve all of humanity – and fiercely advocate equality for both men and women of every race, every religion. They have a reputation for fighting to the death – sacrificing their own lives – so that people of other religions may have the freedom to worship in the way they want.


The men wear turbans – it's because the turbans help to keep the hair they never cut neat and tidy. And  by choosing to keep keep all their hair intact, they are honoring their Creator. No, I don't understand that rule of theirs, but come on! Christianity has freakier ones like eating the body of Christ and drinking his blood! Keeping all your hair is pretty darn tame by comparison.

Their 5 guiding principles are:

  • Truth
  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Justice
  • Karma

These are a very cool people – read more about them here (on their own site) or here (on Wikipedia).

But this is what pisses me off: in this America of here and now some asshat of a white supremecist will walk into their temple and shoot. And you know he was thinking they are Muslim – not that that is any excuse. Then this is reported all over the place and you just know that the majority of people reading about this shooting are looking at the turbans and thinking, 'damn radicals' or something along those lines, or sigh maybe a little, "so sad" and that's it, but never really get the fact that shooting a bunch of Sikhs is like  walking into a Quaker Friendship House and slaughtering a bunch of the nicest, fairest people that ever lived.

Whether or not you are religious or believe in God, in this day and age, a solid religious education is essential. We have got to get our heads out of our narrow religious views, get a grip on how the world really is, what people actually believe, what Faith stands for, how it shapes the framework upon which nations, cultures, stand.

Because this… this is just heartbreaking.


More on the Sikh shooting: Huffington Post

All About Sikhs – another Sikh-run site

…and while we are at it, how about more info on Islam

Difference Between Shi'a and Sunni (this is like the difference between Catholic and Protestant)




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