I’m pretty excited right now.

I am making a road trip with just me the chitlins – from the Lost Coast to Washington State. We’re going to get some last-minute fixes for the camper so that our trip south will be a bit more comfortable. Specifically, we’re getting the hydraulic poles (the things that lift and lower the camper) worked on so it won’t be so hard to crank it up – and we are also going to swap out the propane fridge for an electric fridge. That swap will allow us to hook the fridge up to our solar panels.

We still need to get our cushions and bed mattress revamped, but that shouldn’t be as hard to arrange as getting the camper worked on – we’ve been trying to make this happen since JUNE. Yes.

I’m really excited because this is the first major trip I’ve made with just me and the kids. I think we’re going to have a great time.


Lots of Portland.

My problem with going to Portland – is this really a problem? – is that I love Portlandia so damn much that when I think of Portland, the theme song starts running like an ear worm in my head and won’t go away. I’m going to see if there are Portlandia tours or something.Put a bird on it!


DSC_0470It’s been raining over here on the Lost Coast.

Sweet rain. We love it, we need it. And I want to be gone before it starts in earnest, for the whole winter. Our yurt simply is NOT equipped for this sort of thing. I mean, you don’t understand: we can only even get electricity in spurts. It’s nuts.

But gorgeous.

DSC_0477This place.

There is no place like it.

Where else in California are you going to find such isolation, such heart-clenching beauty, such wilderness?

DSC_0491Horses on the beach. Free.


This young buck was RACING me. He stopped, looked at me, continued, racing, then he bounded over that fence and ran in front of me, sailed past the next fence and off, over the meadows he went.

The beauty made my eyes well.

DSC_0514The forests, the trees. The light.


The road to town.



It’s impossible to articulate how it feels to be driving on this narrow little road, ABOVE THE CLOUDS, then descend up and down, twists and turns, with the farms and trees so far below you.

It’s like that ‘eye of an ant’ thing – that in the scope of the universe, this earth is like the eye of an ant. Riding these roads, I feel so small, so utterly tiny in this picture.

There is not much like living on the Lost Coast for gaining a sense of perspective on the entirety of this world, on meaning, on life.

Speaking of life.


The eggs were from our chickens, the ham from a wild boar that Ken shot.

We took the boar into town to be butchered; I went to pick up the meat.


This business here of our food being in our face, of life being seen, respected, consumed. People here grow their food for the most part, a great deal of it. That means livestock, greens, vegetables, fruit, everything.

There is respect and appreciation for the plants we grow as well as for the living creatures we kill and eat. I like that and I like our kids being raised with that.

I thought that type of respect was dead in the United States.

It’s not.

You just have to be in a place like the Lost Coast to experience it.


Other news:

I’m still making the t-shirts!


This has been a lot of fun.

Making the t-shirts has been, anyway – I’ve been pretty frustrated with WooCommerce and setting it up for purchase.

IMG_5932It’s all far from a deaf-friendly experience. I finally wrote to WooCommerce and I was like, “if you send me one more non-captioned video to explain it to me, I’m going to SCREAM!“.

Everything is set now except for the frickin’ cart. Not like that’s important, right?!

If you want to place an order for a shirt, just take a look at the pictures, see what you like and email me (meriahnichols@gmail.com). I’ll send you an invoice through PayPal. It’s $15/shirt (- they are all American Apparel too), flat $3 for shipping. They will only be sold until the end of October.

Moving on!


Woot! Can’t wait


If you are on the way to Portland or around there, HOLLA!


Real time shots will be posted on IG – I’m @meriahnichols there if you’d like to follow my feed


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