San Diego


 This is a replay of our month-long trip to Mexico earlier this year (which was the inspiration for our current  plans to leave for the Pan American Highway as soon as we can).

This was the second post, originally posted 12-31-11 on my now-retired travel blog. We had left the Bay Area and were headed to San Diego, to spend the night with Toni’s (my sister-in-law) parents before heading to the border crossing the following day.


There has to be some sort of nickname for the awfulness that the space between San Francisco and San Diego is, on the i-5.

Crushingly boring. Numbingly breaking.

the i-5

If I were still a smoker, I’d have gone through a pack of cigarettes that night. As it was, when it was my turn to drive, I chewed my way through one entire Orbit Wild Berry while head-bopping to a whole lot of Lady Gaga and Rihanna – with a bit of Elton John thrown in to be wild.

But my turn only lasted a short span. My One True Darling kept his seat and drove on. And on. And on. Except for the few breaks we took for the bathroom/sugar load at McD’s, he just went on.

Until he had to pull over because I was snoring with actual weights over my eyes – literal weights! I couldn’t open them a peep! and so was incapable of any more driving.

It took us something like 14 hours. And please. Don’t go and tell me you did it in 5; I”m sure you did, but you weren’t limited by your One True Darling who would somehow snarl at you in his sleep if you went one smidgen over 45 miles on account of the gas mileage. If you were, well then, I’m going to send you your gold medal, pronto. But I still bet you weren’t.


When we finally reached San Diego at around 9 the next morning, our hostess -Toni’s mother –  was beyond gracious and let us sleep while she watched our raring-to-go-WHOO-HOO!- kidlets. Both of ’em. She’s a gem. Plus, she made us comfie beds and warmed us up with her big heart love.

We even walked to the playground later in the afternoon and had fun.

And slept a whole lot more, knowing that we’d need it the next day, the Big Day, the day of our border crossing into Mexico.

The Plan:

Get started at the crack of dawn, allowing for lots of time for potential huge lines at the Border. Drive straight through the northern part which seems to be rather sketchy. Stop for the night in San Quintin.



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