Beauty Exposed: expose the beauty of your story

 My name is Chloe Goulding and I am 14 years old. I am a child of the One True King. I live in the Bay Area.  I have 5 siblings and all of us are homeschooled. The two youngest in our family (Charity age 7, and Neko age 4), both have Down syndrome, and have both been adopted. I am going to give you a little background on Charity, Neko, and my family!

March 21, 2006, my family and I (except dad) were all sitting on the couch have morning devotions. We were praying for a baby girl that we could adopt (it took a little while to convince my  brother, Tucker, we wanted a girl NOT a boy)…when mom got a phone call……………… There was a little baby girl with Down syndrome and she needed a family to adopt her (we will, we will!). A little less than a year later, on February 13th, 2007, our family headed to downtown San Jose and finalized Charity’s adoption.

March 30th, 2009, marked the start of Charity’s 3 month long hospital stay at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. While she was there, her heart stopped twice and she had many surgeries (she has the scars to prove it!). Later, we found out Charity has Kidney Disease. During that time, my parents felt God was calling them to adopt another child with Down syndrome, so in November, Mom flew down to pick up the newest member of our family….Neko.


A few years ago I read the book ‘Gifts,’ by Kathryn Lynard Soper and Martha Sears, and I LOVED it!!! Then the idea started formulating in my mind; what if I could get people (young and old) to expose the beauty of having a sibling with Down syndrome and then share it with the world! I finally came up with the name ‘Beauty Exposed,’ since; after all, it really is beautiful to have a sibling with Down syndrome. I wanted to put together a book that will tell the story of what it is truly like to have a sibling with Down syndrome by sharing honest and uplifting stories. Hopefully this would help others, (especially the parents) to be encouraged and to see the true beauty! I know that sometimes, when parents find out they are having a child with Down syndrome, they wonder how the baby will affect their other child/children they already have. I want Beauty Exposed to help them see that it might not always be easy for their other children, but it truly is beautiful and rewarding!

If you want to help, but don’t have tons of time, it’s pretty easy, and doesn’t take a whole lot of your time! All you have to do is, go to my website, read my guidelines, then go to the contact page and email me your story. I will review it and let you know if it’s going to be in the book=)

Below are some other things to include in your story:

  • Sharing honestly about what it’s like to have a sibling with Down syndrome, even if it is sometimes hard
  • Sharing some of the beauty you see in your sibling
  • Sharing a favorite moment or two or three:)
  • Maybe even sharing what you felt like when you found out your sibling had DS/when you found out you were adopting someone with DS


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