Thanksgiving – a holiday you just can't go wrong with, if you ignore the awful part about what the Pilgrims ended up doing to the Native Americans.

Thanksgiving. Good food. Family. Being grateful for what we have. It's pretty awesome and it's heart warming to expressly have a holiday that is reserved for being thankful.


This year we woke up around 4 in the morning, packed up and transferred three small children to the cozy confines of the mini van. We roared off in the dark and still of the pre-dawn, headed for the glorious green-ness of Humboldt County. Headed for a meeting with our new baby and his (as yet) unmet family. Headed for tables laden with high-calorie food, headed for a house full of people with whom we could relax and have a wonderful evening with.

The dawn rose. We were past Cloverdale, the small town which I think you can safely say I am from.

And the transmission started pulling, dragging.

There was no mistaking its unhappiness, so we turned around and had breakfast while waiting – hoping? – that it would heal itself while we guzzled orange juice.

Mikey did do more than "hope"; he actively opened the hood, tested fluids and all those things that make me weary just thinking of. But nothing worked, and in the end, we had to turn around and go home.

No Humboldt. No family. No delicious food awaiting us.

In fact, pretty much no food at all, as we had cleaned out our fridge in preparation for being gone.

So, we went to the supermarket to buy some "lemons" and make some "lemonade" – to try and patch together a meal that would be cheerful and bright, to try and lift up our spirits, to infuse a little soul-joy into the day that had turned so sour by dint of a clanking machine.


I felt like every kind of trashfolk at that moment – kids still in their pajamas! Mikey in his sleep shorts! Me in my nursing tank and flip flops (but wait – that's what I always wear now…)

And just had to laugh.

What a day. In every way.


This is what My One True Darling managed to whip up in an hour

Isn't he amazing?

I know!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!


Bonus photo:

MacQuinn: the Man of Many Moods

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