things I learned this week


"Lightening crotch" is the riveting term used to describe the feeling you have when your little one inside kicks your cervix-area – tries to poke his hand through or something. It's a whole ball of quick, fierce pain and Boo just LOVES it! It's like his favorite thing to do, he can't get enough of it!


Other things I learned this week:

1. Maternity belts – those things that you wrap around your midriff and clasp via Velcro under your protruding belly? Priceless. It really does make a difference. I bought one for either my first or second pregnancy but with this one I'm pretty much living in it. Feels all kinds of "aaaaahhhhhhhh".


"Hey! It's Daddy!", Micah says.



3. Micah standing at the door, slightly ajar means that he's yelling out what we are doing or about to do or have done to the ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD and EACH AND EVERY passerby. "MOMMY IS GOING POO POO RIGHT NOW AND WHEN SHE GETS OUT WE WILL GO TO THE LIBRARY – DO YOU LIKE THE LIBRARY? I LIKE THE LIBRARY! I LIKE TO LOOK FOR STAR TREK BOOKS! MAYBE WE WILL SEE YOU AT THE LIBRARY?!"


4. Mini vans. Why do they get made fun of so? Am I the only person in the world that has little heart flutterings when I see one? I want one. I yearn for one. I crave one. Mini van, oh mini van, I want you, I do. Glorious mini-van, with "space" and "comfort" and "lots of features coupled with safety" written all over your sturdy and bourgeois exterior. *heart* Make that *double heart*.


5. There was once a strong point to waking up super early: I could have my alone time. Now, however, Miss Moxie keeps sensing I'm up and WANTS TO BE WITH ME. This does not mean she wants to play; she wants to sit half-awake in my lap and snatch quick, unexpected and lethal jabs at the keyboard, topple my coffee, grab the iPhone charging or find a memory card to chew on.


Since this happens pretty much daily now, it seems really silly to be waking up pre-dawn. I should switch my work time somehow and sleep in. Not sure how to do it though – somehow in the past 4 years, I've become a solid morning person… sigh. Help me learn this if you can, would you?


6. Naptime. Nothing beats naptime. Nothing.

7. Except maybe lemonade. Or limeade. Or lime popsicles. Or anything really sour like that, but it's still a close call. I feel like I live for my naps.


8. Poise pads. This week Little Man ran out of pull ups – which we discovered right at bed time, of course. We decided to try the handy-dandy Poise pads which were miraculously on hand, rather than force him into Moxie's size 3 diapers. VOILA! They work wonderfully! Now this is great. I can share my Poise pads with my 4 year old son

Also saves us a nice chunk of change – Poise pads are easily half the price of pull ups for double the amount.




= Baby Girl and I need a joint photo shoot. Belly to Belly.


10. Right?!!

And I think it's perfect for her as her own slogan.


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Have a great weekend – and see you Monday – we are going to have PACKED giveaways and posts from next Monday on, through till mid-November. Stay tuned.


Over and out.




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