Voices from the Disability Community

woman with white shirt and blue bottom is smiling at the camera. her hair is brown and her skin is white; she is behind some yellow flowers and is sitting in a wheelchair Cool Cat Profiles
This is from the "Voices from the Disability Community" series - the ongoing, fun series in which everyone is asked the same set of questions and we get to enjoy the diverse responses! This week, please meet Emily Munson. (want to participate too? awesome! click here) Getting to Know You Your name:  Emily Munson What’s
Voices from the Disability Community: Marcus Sikora Voices from the Disability Community
Marcus Sikora Marcus Sikora is the first Voice interview via video! Like a lot of other things he does, he's breaking ground here. Please welcome him, and then stay tuned for more from him. Music Video from Marcus and Marcus' Book: "Black Day: The Monster Rock Band"[kswr_hoverimage hover_image_background="#ffffff" hover_image_border_width="0" hover_image_border_color="" hover_image_button_color="#ffffff" hover_image_button_height="40" hover_image_button_bg="#f2650e" hover_image_button_text="Check It