week in revew


What I Learned This Week:

1. Do not go grocery shopping with two small children and knee-length skirt without shorts underneath. Unless I want to show everyone in Trader Joe's my underwear again.

2. When Moxie goes into her room and shuts the door? Assume she is brewing trouble. Especially now that she knows the joy of crayons.

3. Micah can read. Don't walk "in" in the "out" door unless you want him to YELL out, with real alarm in his voice, "MOMMY YOU ARE GOING IN THE WRONG WAY! THAT SAYS "OUT", "OUT", MOMMY, MOMMY, "OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


4. You know what you get when you watch Star Trek with your kids? A 4 year old that says, "excuse me, I just need to perform a Level 2 Diagnostic on this – I'll meet you in your sector when I'm done"



On the blog this week

Taming the Lurking Travel Beast Within

It's hard. It's just really hard when all you really want  is to just GO already. If you've ever been bitten by the Travel Bug, you know what I'm talking about; this post is for you.

Memes by Me

I sought validation on my Grandma's claim that I'm good enough and smart enough… to make an e-card!

Here they are:

* note: the Down syndrome one was modeled from the autism one. That autism community man… they are sure funny cats.

You ought to make one! Share it on WLM Facebook Page!

From Grief to Celebration: Book Review, Author Interview + Giveaway

This is it, the all-in-one post for a great little book. Enter the giveaway just by leaving a comment. Giveaway is open to the world, selected via Random.org

The Most Useful Pin on Pinterest. Ever

This is just classic. You'll probably want to print it out, it's that great

Capture the Colour! – Travel Photo Contest

A marvelous competition – it's still open. These are my entries – now I'll bet you are going to enter and whip my butt. Good for you!


I wake up early to write this blog. You who have been reading for a long time know that. I get up pre-dawn, crawl on out of the loft bed, drag me and my huge belly over to the kitchen to whip my iced coffee out of the fridge (this is a pregnant thing – all I want is iced coffee now. sweet. very sweet. In real life, I loathe sweet coffee – this is what growing another human being does to one).


Head over to the "computer" which is the decrepent laptop that rests on our encyclopedia with the external keyboard (the real one hasn't worked since Moxie dumped water on it). Most morning I look just like this. And some mornings, I'm lucky enought to be looking at beautiful flowers that my One True Darling Man purchased for me.


I love him. Have I mentioned that to you yet? I really, truly love him. I love him because he does stuff like that after I ask him to, because flowers make me very, very happy. I love him because he notices that I'm considerably nicer to him when he gives me flowers. I love him because he's smart like that. And just, smart. And good looking too.

This morning was that morning. I'm looking at those roses. Thinking of love and happy things. And I hope you are, too.


Have a great weekend – oh – before I forget – some great sales to be aware of –

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