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From the Pride Parades to the 4th of July – to just the awesomeness of our lives, families and gorgeous gardens, we all have something to celebrate right now. Let’s share! CELEBRATE!

This is a Photo Hop: Post a photo below

Post your best! Follow the 1-2 rule: for every photo that you upload here (and yes, you can upload more than one), “like” two others. Let’s create community by encouraging and sharing. Links are open until Sunday night, my (San Francisco) time.

…and how to upload?!

  1. Just click “click here to enter”, below. Then,
  2. Fill in a link – ANY link. Use your facebook account link, link to your blog/website/anything goes, really.
  3. Add a caption for your photo. This will show BELOW your photo
  4. Your email and name – these DO NOT show – I’m asking for this to prevent spam and to have a way to contact you if I need to
  5. Choose where you want to get your photo from and how to crop it. I suggest the middle: FROM FILE, that’s from your computer. If you are posting from your blog link and want a photo from your blog, then ‘Web” will work.

WooHoo! Posted! THAT’S IT!


I am pausing my regular ‘Cool Cat’ profiles this weekend and this weekend only so that jump starting the Weekend Photo Hop won’t put a cramp in the Cool Cat’s style.

You can look forward to getting to know more people next week, promise (and I’ve got a fantastic lineup of John Hockenberry, David Roche, Gary Karp, Alan Muir, Simi Linton and Riva Lehrer, to name but a famous few).


Here we go, our first Weekend Photo Hop!

This is linked to the Thursday iphoneography tutorials and the Instagram jj_withalittlemoxie community. I suspect all of this is going to clearly and cleanly connect somehow but to be honest, I think that’s something that all of you are going to decide, and it’s something that’s going to holistically happen. I’m just setting stuff up and encouraging it to thrive.

And what do I mean by “it”, you ask? Well, basically a community that is fundamentally determined to live with courage. This includes people who are:

  • by and for disability: pro disability. pro ‘special needs’. 
  • by and for being the different, the creative, the ‘off-white’, the indie island in a sea of malls
  • people that want to challenge themselves and their creative photography/iphoneography/droidography (- is that a word?) skills: to see things differently and try and capture the world from a unique perspective

How is this different from what’s out there?

Well, the only thing out there on IG now are UN-moderated, UN-curated hashtag groups like “#downsyndrome” “#deaf”, etc. That means that people can – AND PEOPLE DO – take a photo of someone mocking something related to Down syndrome, they tag it “#downsyndrome” and it goes to that group. Since that group is NOT moderated, you will have a photo of your adorable child with Down syndrome next to some asshat who tagged their photo “#downsyndrome” – see what I’m saying?

I very rarely tag my photos of Moxie anymore with #downsyndrome anymore because of this. The same goes for tagging my own selfies #deaf, etc.

The beauty of  the #jj_withalittlemoxie group is that it IS moderated, spam is NOT tolerated, nor are photos that mock. Users WILL be reported.

Another thing great about the group is that it’s under the JJ umbrella. That means that if we get this group moving and growing, we will be featured. If you are trying to grow your own IG audience or your blog, this is a fantastic way.

If you are not part of Instagram and don’t want to be:

That is a-okay! This hop is completely for you! Post your favorite photo that you took recently (- and how “recent” is totally up to you!). If you blog, link your photo to your blog. If you don’t blog, link your photo to your facebook page/twitter page. Message me [- withalittlemoxie@gmail.com] if you need help, okay (really); I want to make this easy so we can have fun.

This is going to run weekly from Friday-Sunday.

You can use the tutorials on Thursday to challenge yourself in some aspect of your mobile photography! Or not! You can post these photos on IG, tagging #jj_withalittlemoxie! You can be featured on the jj_withalittlemoxie group by tagging your photos! (or not!)

It’s all good and it’s all open; let’s start by just posting and creating a community that tries to live life with courage.

Let’s go! A photo that you love that you took recently!

Please follow the JJ 1-2-3 ‘rule’ – which is, for every one photo that you post (- you can post more than one, you know), just “comment” on 2 others if you can by visiting their links, and “like” 3. We all need encouragement: show some love 🙂

If you are on Instagram:

...If you are on Instagram...
…If you are on Instagram…

Join the jj_withalittlemoxie community! Tag your photos #jj_withalittlemoxie! (you can read more about it all here)

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