I just want to start the week off right.

Which would be smiling.

I want to start the week off smiling!

Can we do this? Let’s take a photo that just makes us SMILE and post it here?! Let’s create a montage!

This is something anyone can do

– just upload a photo right here, share an image of your child, a flower, your cup of coffee, pet fish, new shoes, the morning sunrise, your partner’s face – whatever! It’s just got to make you smile, it has to be safe for work (no naughty stuff, okay) and it has to be your own photo, of course.

If you instagram, tag your photo #withmoxie and I’ll  make a collage out of particularly smile-inducing photos!

Ready? Happy Monday!




* PS. You’ll need a link for the photo – if you don’t blog or have a site to link your photo to, then use a link from your social media page, or google yourself and add that link. My photo there is linked to my facebook page. The image can be uploaded separately

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