Talkspace: Online Psychotherapy

disability ally - two men are seated, one in a wheelchair and the other on a chair, their hands are raised in a "high five" saluteTalkspace Offers Psychotherapy Online

Throughout the time that I was pregnant with my third child (Mack), I was extremely depressed. So much so – and combined with other symptoms – that I was diagnosed bi-polar and referred to psychotherapists.

The problem was that I could not physically go to the therapists’ office – I had two little kids at home that I had to care for, with no financial resources to hire a sitter. My husband was gone all the time, home only at hours in which the therapist was unavailable. It was a living hell, being so trapped in my head, and unable to get help.

That does not have to be a problem for anyone else, thanks to a service called Talkspace.

Talkspace – an  e-therapy platform – provides patients with help online, though many different means, Including a near instant text chatting system, as well as through phone and video. According to Talkspace, they have in excess of 1,000 mental health professionals servicing a user base of about 500,000 people. Though these numbers could increase dramatically in the near future, as Talkspace has just made a deal with Magellan Health that will allow the medical giant’s many users have access to Talkspace. This means that anyone receiving their healthcare through Magellan will be able to use Talkspace.

I don’t use Magellan, but I do know that even without it, I’d be able to access a psychotherapist through their system, as their rates are affordable, starting at only $32 per week. $32 per week allows patients one text session with a therapist every day; for $39 a week, patients can get two sessions a day. $49 gets a patient two sessions a day as well as one live half-hour session with a therapist every month.

This is a game-changer, obviously, because most people who suffer from mental illnesses have an impossible time of just getting out of the house (let alone bed, in many cases). With depression and mental illness rates climbing to epic proportions these days,  Talkspace is providing a real and valuable service to those who need it.

As the world is changing so quickly and we struggle to thrive, it’s a relief to know that there are services like Talkspace that are keeping pace with developments and are there to swiftly and affordably help us through our challenging moments.