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Target Adaptive Clothing for Kids and Adults with Disabilities and Special Needs

Target Adaptive Clothing for Kids and Adults with Disabilities and Special Needs

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This post is about Target adaptive clothing, a line of clothes for kids and adults with disabilities and special needs that came out in October of 2017.

There are affiliate links in this post, which means that if you buy something using a link from this post, I’ll get a small percentage from Target. You won’t pay any more money than if you had used a different link to get there, and you are helping to fund this site! Win-win. Read more on my disclosure page.

target ASL tee shirt

The Target adaptive clothing line came out late last year. The line was developed by a mom of a kid with special needs who needed clothes that would allow for a diaper. She developed the clothes for kids with disabilities and special needs within the Cat & Jack brand.

(and I love the Cat & Jack brand – I  clothe my kids almost exclusively in, because they have the ASL t’s (see left) and the “Kind is Cool” stuff)

Cool Clothes for Kids with Disabilities

Cat & Jack has hip clothes point blank, and their clothes for kids with disabilities and special needs is no different. They are  awesome. The line has the whole tamale – swimsuits, pants, shirts, you name it. They are sensory-friendly, have longer waists (- pants for kids using wheelchairs), some clothes have space for diapers.

Adaptive Swim


Adaptive Jeans

target shirts

I liked how the clothes come with strategic holes for ports and tubes, and most clothing is a little more spacious in case diapers are being used.

I also liked how so many models on the site had disabilities.

Super Awesome Clothes for Special Needs and for Disability

I have loved what I’ve seen so far, but I’m going to be honest: I do want more variety. Specifically, I’d like more ASL wear in the Adaptive Clothing Line, and more stuff from the “Kind is Cool” wear.  They just started this line  about 6 months ago, though, so hopefully they will be adding to the line soon.

Speaking of Adding More to the Target Adaptive Clothing Line…!

There are NO clothes for men! There aren’t that many for grown women either, but at least there is something. I’m hoping Target revs up and gets the men’s section going (you know that it’s not just women and children who have disabilities, right, Target?!!).

The clothes for women are cute. Not a huge selection, but cute.

I really liked the jeans, which (besides being fun and trendy), promise to help reduce pressure points with the use of flattened seams, and have high-rise backs and wider-leg construction.

Target Adaptive Jeans
Target adaptive clothing

The shirts were also cute, so much so that even though I do not personally need adaptive clothing, I found myself shopping along.

target adaptive clothing
Target Sensory Friendly Adaptive Clothing Shirt
target sensory friendly dress

They only had one dress and one skirt featured on their site – and the skirt was sold out. I wasn’t sure how adaptive the dress really was… but it’s cute.

So, all in all, I’m going to say it’s a solid start.

I’m looking forward to seeing an expanded line that more people across the disability spectrum will identify with and feel represents them and their particular needs and interests. I think these clothes for people with a disability and special needs are off to a good start, and Target’s going to be in it for the win.

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