Sir Screech-a-lot & His Sister, The Mighty Moxie-mas

The third people in a row had parked next to us, got out of their vehicle, stretched, looked around and started scoping out the land in that “ahhhhhhh, home” kinda way. They were clearly planning on settling in and camping for a few days.

Then MacQuinn started screaming at the top of his lungs, and the new people turned tail, returned hurriedly to their vehicle, got in and sped away to another site.

We were starting to think we could rent out the baby to people who want some privacy, because they’ll sure get it with a fine screamer like our boy!

Well, yesterday we had to go to town for supplies. We left our table and tent out but we packed up the camper of course and headed off. I was thinking we should have made some sign and placed it by our tent, “Warning: TEETHING TOT”, or “Home of Sir Screech-a-Lot”, Something, man, we gotta put up something, you know what I mean?! – but alas, I forgot and that was that.

When we returned, we saw this young couple in a camper parked right next to us, looking all romantic, child-free; happy. Their faces fell when we spilled out of the truck and the kids started running around, completely in that crazy-wild space that kids get from being tethered in their car seats all morning.

 Hey! Nice to meet you!

The couple was really unfriendly. They were scowling at us, then looking our way with lingering stink eye, sour vibing us like a solid spray of fermented vinegar. 

 Meanwhile, the kids were in fine form for the rest of the next 12 hours.


I’m talking, Moxie running off to dig in a dune (I saw her and ran after her), Moxie running off to wash her hands in the ocean (Mikey saw her and ran after her)


no, this was a different moxie-runs-off occasion
no, this was a different moxie-runs-off occasion

Mac-Q running off to look at a huge fish bone (I saw him and ran after him)


– and each of those run/fetches were accompanied by much yelling (then crying).


That and the theatrics of dinner (- Moxie not wanting her rice to touch her beans, and HOW COULD WE PUT MEAT IN HER TORTILLA???? – cue tantrum) was just a fine warm up for another all-night teething session with Mac, which culminated in him needing to be taken out of the camper, bawling, at 5:30 in the morning, and walked along the beach, in the cold dark of pre-dawn.

He woke up Moxie in the process of getting out of the camper, she was bawling too, and so Mikey and I walked the both of them down to some quietness.

“Some quietness” really means about an hour of peace – by 7, they were up and RARING, roaring all over the place, charged up energizer bunnies ON THE GO.


The couple next door emerged from their camper shortly thereafter, hair tousled and bleary-eyed. It was clear they hadn’t slept much and it was also clear that they really hated us.

I walked on over, “you got a good night’s sleep!” I said, “I’m so glad the kids were so quiet for you last night!”

They were gone by noon.


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