green text with a white man standing and looking to the side, a Latina woman in profile to the other side, and a young white man in a wheelchair sitting and looking to the same side as the woman standing - from The Fundamentals of Caring

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This is a review of the movie, The Fundamentals of Caring. There are spoilers in here.

The Fundamentals of Caring

Are you familiar with “disability bingo”? It’s where you take a bingo card and instead of numbers, you play aspects of the disability experience. This movie felt like it should come with its own ‘disability bingo’ cards to play off of. I could easily be used as a test in Disability Studies classes to see if students can recognize all the stuff that is being portrayed that goes against Disability Rights, Culture and promotes Inspiration Porn.

From an able-bodied actor playing the role of a young man with Muscular Dystrophy, to denigrating care work, retard jokes, disability hierarchy, oppression olympics, “what’s wrong with you? Does your penis work,” and those moments of making decisions for the disabled guy like holding him up to stand, this movie has it all. And then some!

I really do mean it when I say you could play disability bingo off of this film. It would be kind of awesome for a bunch of people interested in disability studies (or disability!) watch this and test themselves in their knowledge of and understanding of what in this movie is actually SO OFF BASE.

Aside from that? 

Hanging out with Paul Rudd for 2 hours in this wasn’t worth it. I’d stick with Ant Man if I were you.

Here’s the trailer (and add another place on the bingo card for “captions not available”)

The Fundamentals of Caring: Uncaptioned Trailer

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