The Apples: Photo Essay

The difference between where we live and where other people is that other people pay to go on farms to pick apples. For the experience (not socking it, by the way: we did that too, remember?)

So other people go to farms and pay to pick apples. And we live in Apple Territory, where we can get paid to pick apples.

And! We have a local Apple Festival. It’s a fundraiser for school stuff, I believe, and people from the community get together and pick apples – truck beds full of them! – to make and sell apple cider. It’s a lot of fun. The whole entire thing is a lot of fun – picking the apples on other people’s farms (we brought a tote of our own apples to the apple press on the day of the festival), and enjoying the festival itself.

Here are some photos!

20151002-IMG_3104 20151002-IMG_3126 20151002-IMG_3121 20151002-IMG_3110
20151002-IMG_3176 20151002-IMG_3144 20151002-IMG_3201 20151002-IMG_3165 20151002-IMG_3132 20151002-IMG_3161And a few from the festival too:

20151004-_DSC7831 20151004-_DSC7824-2 20151004-_DSC7853 20151004-_DSC7833-3 20151004-_DSC7834 20151004-_DSC7835 20151004-_DSC7856-2 20151004-_DSC7841-2 20151004-_DSC7837 20151004-_DSC7860*******

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